When Karma Comes Calling


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For fans of; Trouble, Pentagram, Manilla Road, Brocas Helm, and the NWOBHM


released April 16, 2015

Dogbane are:

Mitchell Allred- Guitars
Jerry Cloer- Drums
Kevin Davis- Bass
Jeff Neal- Vocals
Jeff Rinehart- Guitars

Recorded and produced by Kevin Davis and Dogbane at Studio 5 in Greensboro, NC.
Mixed and Mastered by Gary Hawkins in Winston Salem, NC.
Cover art by Wayne Miller in Greensboro, NC.
CD layout and design by Linda Ronsick and Mitch Allred.
Photography by Linda Ronsick and Jon Upchurch.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Warlord
Never aged a day since manhood
for as long I can recall
More at home on battlefields
than in genteel halls
Strange affinity with ancient god of war
staring red across night's sky
Transporte millions of miles
in the blink of an eye

Warlord of an ancient world
Stranger to my own
I'll soon embrace the otherPulse quickens to call my home

Ghastly strange barbaric race
Braver than those left behind
But offworld qrotesquery paled
Ethereal beauty's love I'd find
Eternal princess of a dying race
Our two fates entwined
Solve the riddle that the ancient's left
To save the planet in time

Track Name: Dogbane

00:00 / 03:52

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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From the ashes - We arise
Fire still burning - In our eyes
No hesitation - The time is now
We will prevail - To show you how

The pieces have finally fit
It never occurred to quit
It's all within our grasp
No final act

Take the chance - Roll the bones
We're killing kings - To take their thrones
You cannot bind - The hands of destiny
For it is written - It shall be


Long in the tooth - And bulletproof
We will avenge - Our misspent youth
Our blood still flows - Running the rivers red
Bearing our mark - Along the path we tread
Track Name: When Karma Comes Calling
When karma comes calling
There'll be nowhere to hide
When all of your wickedness
Was your key to demise

When karma comes calling
All the wrongs are made right
You'll step out of the shadows
And into the light

When karma comes calling(x2)

When karma comes calling
It's the great equalizer
The downtroddens hero
And evil's terrorizer

Track Name: Deceiver
You bring the blood to my eyes
That makes me see red
Under your wall of disguise
Lies somesthing instead

Believer - Deceiver
You crawl through the depths to my soul
Believer - Deceiver
Bearing your mark of control

A world that is broken in two
Where nothing remains
For all that I once saw in you
Has gone up in flames

Believer - Deceiver
Twisting the truth with your lies
Believer - Deceiver
Now I have opened my eyes

Believer - Deceiver
Releasing the spell that you hold
Believer - Deceiver
Now I have taken control
Track Name: Calm Before the Swarm
A dawning of a time
A blackened cancer called mankind
Pure evil to the core
All this and nothing more

Behind desguise
They terrorize
Clawing the earth
For all it's worth
Taking down
And turning 'round
A force of rage
That can't be caged

To thy own self be true
And the evil that men do
You thought you'd seen it all
The rise before the fall

Before our eyes
They mesmerize
Empowering us
And devouring us
Breaking down
And turning 'round
A hopeless race
That can't be saved

Behind desguise
They mesmerize
Empowering us
While devouring us
Breaking down
And turning 'round
A hopeless race
Track Name: Devil By the Horns
Well it's a long way
But I'm not losing ground
No one can save me
From this road I'm bound
I tried to reason
Just why I crossed that line
You tempt the fire
You'll get burned in time

I've got the Devil by the horns
Gonna lead it to me
I've got the Devil by the horns
Gonna bring it down

Sometimes you just know
But you just don't know why
Longing to break free
From this hell inside
Cast down your vengeance
If it's justified
But don't forsake me oh no
Cause you're gonna find


(Repeat Chorus x2)

Well it's a long long way
From where I've been
It's the same old story
And it never ends
But it never really hits you
Until you find
That you're all alone
At the end of the line

I went dancing with the Devil
On the open road
I guess all the things I thought I knew
I didn't know
Now I watched the fire rising
Way up to the sky
As I make my way
To the other side
Track Name: Free Spirit
Envy of women desired by man
Devoted to nature
would take no man's hand
Knowledge of lore
healed those close to death
Earth priestess praised by those
she helped draw breath

Respect and awe turned to
loathing and fear
Whispered admonitions
whenever she walked near
Mysterious cures for all whom she healed
superstitious warnings
your soul she might steal

Child of the air, wind through her hair
Beauty to behold,
Innocent without shame
No man will tame, thus no man can hold

In puritan times she was far ahead
Swore her of the devil
and sought out her head
Spurred by man's greed
Whose hand she wouldn't take
Town pitched to fervor
and burned at the stake

Child of the air, wind through her hair
Beauty to behold
Innocent without shame
No man can tame, lost inside the flames
Track Name: Sands of Time
In ancient times of pharoahs
across the shifting sands
Roamed an evil wizard
who terrorized the land
Put to death by pharoah's priests
mummified alive
Sworn vow of vengeance
cursed the pharoah's line
Flash forward to 1910
Egyptian archaeologist
Found a scarab staff in an unmarked tomb
He would realize much too late
The staff was the instrument
to spell his doom

The scarab is the key, to eternal life
Through the sands of time, I will never die

Aware he was not alone
sight chilled him to the bone
There in living flesh mummy risen again
Unheeded warnings paintings told
now watch my curse unfold
Pharoah feared my evil plan
chills down spines of every man

Decreed me entombed alive
he's long been dust here I stand revived
The scarab is a gift from Set
for which I am in his debt

I will raise an army of the dead
I will rule the world subjects in dread