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Visceral Life


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    FOR FANS OF: Last Crack, King's X, Rush, The God Machine, Soundgarden & A Perfect Circle

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Daily into Darkness None of us really know, Daily into Darkness We Go I’m being swallowed by the rising tide, And how long before I bare my wrist so you can number it I’ll climb this cliff and sway I’m being swallowed by the rising tide And how long before I throw my fist into the violence No Good Answer: Can’t stop flames with fire: Can’t stop time from churning while it grinds And I’ll save my mind But I won’t bury it and I’ll tear these blinds away New ways, new pain but no patience anyplace...NO! And there’s no good way to save anything, When everyone’s a thief and everything decays There’s no real gain except in giving it all away And I made this mess But I won’t bury it And I’ll give it life today and I won’t bury it No new ways, new pain, but no patience anyplace… Yeah! And there’s no real gain, except in giving it all away Give… Give it away
Roaches in the Lamplight Screaming What do you want from me, what do you need Just help yourself to anything, anything A fool am I who has wandered life to life But now less and less I see seems to seize my eyes Fears must be broken the truth should be seen The wrong may not be evil Just desperate in need Caught unaware like a child in a stare All day All night like a worker in a mine Illumination burns my eyes like roaches in the lamplight screaming Lose yourself in a walk in the dark Erase the past and find who you are Now tell me can you mend up all your holes Can you boil your inside… Until it glows Say I’m not wrong say, Say I’m not wrong What do you want for me, what do you need Just help yourself to anything, anything Suffering jobs send the spirit deep Suffering lives make the simple sweet Suffering bodies send the spirit high Everybody give what you have inside, Everybody give what you have inside
Before You Go Before you go too far away Show my how to use these these reins I’m not suppose to be here But it’s certainly a thrill And if I can find a hole in the sky to run this horse Than I will Waiting, to be clubbed over the head with some noble intention to take my life But you always know what is right And before you go too far away Show me how I may know my way I’m not suppose to be here But I’m getting my fill And if I can find a perfect line to follow than I will Now the blood runs thin in me And now the way is hard to see Feeling and needing and working and bleeding The dreams in my brain want to flow out Veins I’ve had enough of waiting To be clubbed over the head with some strong noble direction To save my life, To save my life Before you go, Throw me a line and give me your mind You and I are twisted together like ropes and vines You and I need to realize what we have inside and… Let it out, Let it out, Let it out, Let it out! And before I go too far away I’ll toss you the thoughts I’ve saved I was never supposed to be here But I’ll miss it when I leave And if I can feel what I cannot see Than I can believe Than I can believe
V 05:40
V Desperate Desolation runs deep Desperate isolation Please don’t leave me here naked and alone Well I have lost my home And I have lost… Desperate, Desolation It runs deep Desperate Isolation Please don’t leave me here naked and alone Well I have lost my home And I have nothing to hold Well I have nothing, But I can give Even though I’m desperate How much do I need to be worthy How many lives will I lead Here is the wave that is carrying Now let what will be, let it be Moving along in a faceless crowd Following signs I know little about Following the quiet lead, all the time whispering That I am not alone Understanding grows; Holding, letting go Survive the whip of high and low I am not alone, I am not alone And I can see it All of us are struggling and none of us have gone far Everyone is struggling and none of us have gone All of us are struggling and none of us have gone Everyone is struggling and none of us have gone too far Shotgun Mouth Hold your tongue before you speak Many ships have been burned by their rudders speed Watch your words that flow out in streams Safety stays fare from the violent sea You have a shotgun, called your mouth Your bullet persuasion, Keeps knockin other people down Most of what you’ve ever said are only words thrown from your head in confusion And all the stirring in your soul cannot be captured by communication And still you stir with words Dissolve the violence you ride behind your eyes before you use it Make friends of your enemy before your hatred becomes the news And hold your tongue before you speak Bend the shotgun back and be silent Silent!
Shogun Mouth 03:41
Alive 04:08
Alive Follow me I have seen the golden shrine With burning eyes open wide Look at you and how you stumble from blunder to blunder You’re punch drunk from so many failures Loss after loss leading one to another There will be better days, and I need to stay alive We’re torn by desire; animal drive Alive and we’re not wasted Our DNA is laced that’s all (I don’t know) So you don’t know Just what the hell is going on And where does all this darkness come from With heros dead and confusion slamming around in your head I’ll tell you the truth, we are the blessed to be alive Torn by desire, Animal drive Alive And I’m not wasted, my DNA is laced That’s all if money is master And killers and lawyers prey on disaster We need the slate cleaned with an ending and beginning The time is drawing near When thieves grow rich from fear Alive Torn by desire, Animal drive Alive Look at you, how you fall Loss to loss Fall after fall But you’re not wasted Your DNA is laced, That’s all, That’s all
El Cabellero Diablo The devil cowboy crawls down the post road hill at 3:30 am Drizzly sky gray leather soul kicks across the grey pavement Scuffing along the mystery lanes of success with all the middle class lawns Heated garages no devil outcast is safe near these hedges The devil outcast cuts into himself An outsider drifts all alone With the tragic deafening din of the danger that he is born for The beauty tuck it away from center stream Blessed with the vision to succeed without middle class lawns, heated garages And no devil owner is safe around here He has broken free, he is wandering The day of the vagrant is coming El Cabellero Rich in his poverty Carries his treasures in his chest He goes to Europe, Asia, Africa, the East and West And sucks the marrow far too rich for the rest with their Middle class lawns, heated garages, voyeurs TV, and dead magazines Middle class lawns, heated garages No devil cowboy is allowed in the village
Peppermint Twist Come a little closer please And we will talk of a merger between us Growing, exploding, truly living Paying little attention to the codes weaving through the fenceless field Never accepting the trampled path as real But I ask one wish, A peppermint twist Companionship and a craving taste for danger Stray away from the gray Too soon we will be shaking hands with the waiting grave- alive today! Ride out in style through these dying days No ball and chain Danger, play companionship and a craving taste for adventure Well I ask one wish A peppermint twist Companionship and risk No ball and chain Just danger, play The sweetest taste I crave Closer please You I need I crave, I crave
Headstone 03:14


Formed in Milwaukie, Wisconsin by guitarists Paul Laganowski, Takis Kinis and bassist Steve Post, ⅗ of technical power thrash metallers REALM, Along with Gemini drummer Brian Reidinger and LAST CRACK’s esoteric frontman Buddo.

The band would release a 3-song demo in 1994 and in 1996 they would self-release their debut “The Visceral Life”. The release would see limited distribution. This combined with the blurred lines and apprehensive acceptance between heavy metal, alternative rock or what was referred to as “alt-metal” lead to limited visibility for the release. The irony here was that in a decade that saw such a revolution of change on popular music and was so inclusive was often anything but that. As a truly progressive band, in many ways, WHITE FEAR CHAIN would never have the chance to find their audience and the band fell into obscurity, becoming one of the hidden gems of the 90s.

“WHITE FEAR CHAIN embodies a rare balancing act; marrying the power of metal, the grooves of bluesy hard rock, and the poetic, introspective lyricism of literature; illuminating those dark, quiet spaces found within us all, to forge a singular dialect, distinctly apart from the well-trodden lexicon of rock’s too often monosyllabic tomes embracing alcoholic excess, mindless carnal conquests, and “yet another party...” Set upon the unpredictable chord progressions, harmonic structures, and seamlessly shifting time signatures,”

An album that seemed ahead of its time yet was a product of its time is still fresh and relevant sounding today and is being reintroduced to a new audience.


released January 14, 2022

Recorded & mixed at Gemini Studios in Faribault, MN
Recorded through November 1993 - February 1996
All music by WHITE FEAR CHAIN All lyrics by Buddo
Engineered by B. Reidinger
Assisted engineer T. Kinis
Mixed by
Mastered by B. Reidinger

2021 executive producer J. Golden & G. Shafer
Layout design Chris Ferguson


all rights reserved



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