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Under the Knife


  • EUGENIC DEATH - Under the Knife
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Indoctrinate 06:53
Indoctrinate Lyrics by K Davis, J McCanless I have walked this bloody path That was paved for peace Just why can't you see We'll all die on the battlefield That was built on suffering In a world of endless pain Our loss becomes their gain I will hope no more Standing tall, justice for all We the people, peace is what we are fighting for Distract, Deceive, Divide, Disarm What we build they will destroy Distract, Deceive, Divide, Disarm Indoctrinate Distract, Deceive, Divide, Disarm What we build they will destroy Distract, Deceive, Divide, Disarm Living in a lie of the aftermath Where the truth is out of reach You can't decipher what is real anymore False prophecies they will teach All the innocent are slain The process repeats again Evil has no cure Warning all at our beck and call Slam the hammer this is war Jihad But the god is the same Religious propaganda by design War torn Villages decree Join the cause or die with the divine War cries In the name of peace Decade after decade they are sung More lies Intended to deceive Indoctrinate the masses and they've won
The Citizen Patrol Lyrics: J McCanless Trapped in a cell you think you’re free Controlling what you believe Open your eyes but you can’t see Our designed reality You are us and we are you Assembly line of dictated thought You live and breathe what you’ve been taught Marketing ploy a way of life In this war no one survives Programmed to be a slave until you die Virus scan now complete poisoned minds remain asleep Nowhere to hide there’s no retreat We tell you what to think We tell you how to act We tell you how to live your life We tell you what is fact Thought police in command Independent thought will not withstand The brutal force the citizen patrol All kneel All hail All kneel before the citizen patrol Police yourself Stay in line Only thoughts of us will survive If you resist you will die We’re all you are We’re all you need Beyond the gates will set you free A life lived in slavery
The Devils Tower Lyrics: J McCanless Trapped alone No easy way out Positive thoughts turn to doubt Endlessly searching for an escape Screaming for help in hopes you’ll be saved Your fate is sealed Your death revealed The blade you’ll feel Counting down the hours Dragged through the halls Chained to the wall Execution in the Devils tower Innocent victims condemned to die Battered and beaten No reason why Sharpen the axes Sharpen the blades Death an act of charity Relief the end will bring In this place where time stands still Victims are taken against their will The masters will gather to drink their blood Spilling from vessels Blood lust fulfilled Feeding on the agony they gladly inflict Deriving pleasure from hopelessness Inhuman monsters confined to darkness Anxiously awaiting the next attack Devour the soul generate life Necessary evil to balance the light Breathe in the lifeforce expelled by death Once obtained a thirst never quenched
Witching Ground Lyrics: J McCanless Scream in terror at the strike of three Blackened figures surrounding me Evil forces in the house Something lurking beneath the ground Cast a spell Descend to hell Forever haunting beyond the grave In the night awaken with fright Fires burning bright the witching ground In the darkness what do you see Ancient demonic sorcery Returning to claim another child The chosen ones belong to the witching ground The hour draws near shaking with fear as the spirits arise Possessed amulet book of the dead Goat-headed star Can’t run Can’t hide Evil dwells Within your mind Can’t escape Can’t be free Return to the earth forever beneath Sign of the cross you have been marked Sacrifice your firstborn child The pact has been made the devil be praised Small price for immortality
Hara Shiva 04:42
Hara Shiva Lyrics: L. Narayanan Om Namah Shivaya Hara Hara Shiva Shiva Chandrasekhara Hara Hara Shiva Shiva Chandrasekhara Omkara Hey, Hara Shambo Hey Omkara Hey, Hara Sadashiva Hey
Aghori Sadhus: Lyrics: J McCanless Purpose rituals embracing death Find life’s meaning only when it ends Destroy the ego and drift away Deny the self one’s true salvation Join our cult Reject your life Illusionary thoughts leads to strife Enter in where death abounds You’re invited to the cremation grounds Consuming flesh Reach a higher state Cannibalistic practices Human skulls filled with blood Transcendental Aghori Sadhus Obscure our ways this life we choose Nothing to gain This world we’ll lose Burning bodies turns to ash Embrace the future Embrace the past Blessed by the gods we sacrifice Mind and soul become one Barbaric acts now purity Human corruption of what should be Symbol from ancient times Preserve destroy free the mind By false teachings we’ve been betrayed In the Trisula we put our faith Embracing evil there’s only good Society’s programming is reversed One with the dead from the earth returned Till the day your flesh is burned
Under the Knife Lyrics: J McCanless Deplorable conditions a way of life Struggling just to survive Pray to the god above to set you free Another dose is what you need Searching for some relief By the power of faith or death you will succeed Under the knife Overdose of Demerol Pain too great can’t take the fall Another prescription to refill Now kept alive by machines Unsuccessful surgery let her die just pull the plug The hands of time don’t stop for anyone Living to die still you just press on Patiently waiting for the end The time is now reach out descend Time is flying children crying A mother dies Under the knife is all you see Time is flying children crying Let her die Under the knife eternity Time is flying children crying End of life Under the knife eternally Life and death just a blink of an eye Nothing more that could be done A decision made by her son Lifeless body set aflame A mother a wife now remains Time is flying children crying A mother dies Under the knife is all you see Time is flying children crying Let her die Under the knife eternity Time is flying children crying End of life Under the knife eternally It happened so quickly could it be suicide


FOR FANS OF: Voi-Lence, Demolition Hammer, Slayer, Exodus and Testament

EUGENIC DEATH was formed in late 2010 in Greensboro, North Carolina.
The Band name was Chosen to draw attention to society's overall view, mistreatment and neglect of the poor.

Jonathan McCanless-lead guitarist-had long desired to get his music into mass circulation and decided in late 2010 that the only way to accomplish this was to start a band with the most dedicated and talented musicians he could find.The natural choice for vocals was Keith Davis, whose voice is reminiscent of legends like Chuck Billy of Testament and Max Cavalera of Sepultura. Jonathan had previously been in another local band with Keith and knew his capacity for producing harsh sounding thrash vocals.

The other member of that original band was Shane Lucas, a bassist whose style is heavily influenced by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. His creative bass parts harmonized perfectly with Jonathan's guitars.
Unsure of where to find a drummer Jonathan turned to Keith and Shane to find the perfect fit. Keith immediately offered Ian Pasquini, from High Point, NC. Influenced by Mastodon, Slayer, and Dying Fetus. Ian earned his place as Eugenic Death's first drummer

In 2012, Eugenic Death's debut album "Crimes Against Humanity" was released by Heaven and Hell Records. A year later Ian Pasquini parted ways with the band due to personal reasons. The following year Shane Lucas also parted ways with the band.
In 2014 the recording process for Eugenic Death's second album "Under The Knife" began. Geoff Lapenta was recruited to perform drums on the album. Jonathan McCanless on guitars and bass, and Keith Davis once again on vocals.

The second album took four years to complete and was recorded in many different locations around the country, including The Lodge out of Indianapolis and Bunker Sound out of Chapel Hill, NC. Engineered by Steven Raets and John E Wooten IV. Mixed by Steven Raets and John E Wooten IV. Mastered by Steven Raets. Cover art created by Marija Vilotijevic, model: Courtney Simonds


released March 15, 2019

Jonathan McCanless- Guitar and Bass
Keith Davis- Vocals
Geoff “Hippie” La Penta- Drums
All music composed by Jonathan McCanless
Guest Musicians for Hara Shiva- Lavanya Narayanan, female vocals; Ajay Ravichandran, Mridangam
Recorded at Hemispheres Recording in Raleigh, NC, The Lodge Recording Studio in Indianapolis, IN, and Bunker Sounds Studio in Chapel Hill NC. Engineered by Steven Raets and John E Wooten IV. Mixed by Steven Raets and John E Wooten IV. Mastered by Steven Raets. Recorded (Drums, Guitars, and Bass), Mixed, and Mastered at Bunker Sound Studio, Chapel Hill, NC.
Cover Art- Marija Vilotijevic, Model: Courtney Simonds


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