Twisted Tower Dire re​-​issue 2 Pack + Anniversy patch


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    This is your chance to get both Twisted Tower Dire Reissues and a limited edition commemorative patch (while supplies last) for one low price. Both reissues feature all new artwork alongside the original artwork, photo collages, liner notes, lyrics and video interviews included on enhanced CDs.

    Label: Heaven and Hell Records

    KICK ASS double disc set. Newly re-mastered and superior to the original recordings. Plus nex artwork provided by Martin Hanford. Second disc includes the very rare and much sought after early demos with Janet Rubin and Tom Phillips (While Heaven Wept) Plus photo galleries and a video interview.

    Track List:

    Disc I:

    01. Land of Illusions
    02. Hail Dark Rider
    03. The Curse of Twisted Tower
    04. The Epic War Ends
    05. Rue of the Forsaken Keeper (II)
    06. Lament : Nocturne
    07. The Walkyrie Death Squadrons
    08. The Witch's Eyes
    09. When All Is Said and Done (bonus)

    Bonus disc:

    01. Rue of the Forsaken Sleepkeeper 96
    02. Mourner in the Nethermists 96
    03. Mourner in the Nethermists 97
    04. Beyond the Gate 97
    05. Home of Darkness 97
    06. Starflight Requiem 97
    Plus; enhanced material for PC use

    Twisted Tower Dire- The Isle of Hydra

    Double disc re-issue of this classic cult metal release with new layout. Includes photo gallery and video interview. Bonus disc includes several covers the band has recorded throughout their career.

    Track List:

    Disc I:

    01. Battle Cry
    02. The Isle of Hydra
    03. When the Daylight Fades
    04. Daggers Blade
    05. Ride the Night
    06. The Longing
    07. Sign of the Storm
    08. Final Stand
    09. Dying Breath

    Bonus Disc
    01. Forgotten in Space - (Voivod cover)
    02. Giver her the Gun - (UFO cover)
    03. The Temples of Syrinx - (Rush cover)
    04. Queen of the Reich - (Queensryche cover)
    05. A Dangerous Meeting - (Mercyful Fate cover)
    06. Glory Ride - (Black Sabbath cover)

    Plus; enhanced material for PC use

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released August 5, 2013