Tortured and Twisted


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    Tracks 1 -10; 'Tortured and Twisted' was originally recorded in 1981 and was shelved for 35 years until now.

    Tracks 11 -16; 'Bloodbath' EP recorded in 1984. The versions on this compilation are the way they were originally intended to be on the 2002 CD release of the EP.

    Tracks 17 - 21; Demo tracks from 1983 and 1987

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released April 1, 2016

Jack the Ripper is:

Mad Maximo Hernandez - vocals
Kenny Moore - bass
Bob Sniegon - drums
David Swisher - guitar
Andrew J. Spiegel - guitar

‘Tortured and Twisted’ (tracks 1-10) recorded 1981
Engineered by John Gelinas at Media Associates Studios

‘Bloodbath’ EP (tracks 11-16) recorded 1984
Engineered by Gary Bolton at Higher Skys Studios

‘Gargoyle’ (track 17)1983 demo
Demo ‘87 (tracks 18-22)

All JTR recordings originally mixed and mastered by Jay Matheson and Steve Slavich at Jam Room Studios in Columbia, SC.

All material re-mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios in Winston Salem, NC
Cover concept by J. Golden
Cover art by Steve Cobb

All lyrics and music © 1980, 1981, 1984,1986, 2002, 2004 PRIEST MUSIC / JTR


all rights reserved


Track Name: Tortured and Twisted

My palms are sweating and heart pounding fear
What's this obsession all men feel unclear
Damned if you do and damned if you don't
They'll be those who I please and those who I won't

Tortured and twisted
Spinning round and round
In life's swirling whirlpool
Why do we fools drown?

Take me away babe
Give me peace of mind
Just to keep my sanity
Destroy all life unkind
Fingering a gun
Contemplating suicide
Isolate this sickening sense
Let me keep my pride

(Repeat Chorus)

Make me free, let my spirit soar
Unlock me from this cage
I can't take it no more
What good is life if you're constantly hounded?
Break my chains, engage and unbound me

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Iron Lady

Curved fine legs
Dripping with desire
Skin, soft and tender
Hypnotizing blinder
Firm hand on whip
Hate and seething rager
Lashes a man's back
Hot blooded jumper

(Chorus I)
Iron lady, bounteous lover
Stud black chrome girl
In her arms surrender

Great supple chest
Heart start exciter
Body so sweet
Horror wild driver
Cold steel stiletto
Bearer so hyper
Ripping flesh easy
Screaming unending

(Chorus II)
Iron lady, sexy fighter
Brown eyed beastie
Stranglehold caresser

Brazen tail-gunner
No so fuse temper
Non-Stop satisfaction
Insatiable hunger
Sadistic player
Kinky power seeker
Terror brutalizer
Solitary breather

(Chorus III)
Iron lady, trusty loyal kicker
Hot white steeler
No one can beat her
Track Name: Accept Your Fate

Take me to your leader
I'm looking to infiltrate
Gonna cause dissension
Make your spirit quake
Wearing a false face
A hidden man or monster
Unleash brutal attacks
Make your surrender

I say what you want, do what you do
When the time is right, I'll eliminate you
I say what you want, do what you do
When the times right, I'll obliterate you
Accept your fate you misguided fools
The time has come, the end is near

Hitler, Stalin, agents of death
Initialized thinking
Toward the destruction of the earth
But the burning spirit, never will fail
Vanquishing evil, enflaming it all

(Repeat Chorus)

Fooled by your own confidence
Basking in your glory
For the hell you create
You'll soon be sorry
I will cause problems
Never to be destroyed
Live on to vaporize
All your sick toys

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: The Ripper

Lurking in the shadows
Creeping in the mist
Eyes burning bright
Cold steel in clenching fist
Murder and mayhem
Are his only friends
Blood flowing cold
His lust never ends

Fools walk the night
Mama shows her wares
Never knows what evil waits
To catch her unaware
Footsteps echo on the bricks
Hearts are beating fast
She prays to see a friendly face
But soon all is lost

(Chorus I)
Walking the streets
Looking for prey
He's on the loose
Get out of his way
I want your blood
And inner soul too
If you are young and clean
I'll get to you

Now you've been forewarned
Take care not to stray
Death and mutilation
You will have no say
This unholy evil will swallow those who dare
To enter boldly into the murderous Ripper's lair

(Chorus II)
How this madman prowls
Killing for play
Innocent victims
He takes their lives' away
Don't hit the streets
When it's foggy and black
Or he'll unleash
His gruesome attack
Track Name: Burn in Hell

They laugh and they smile
Their own laws protect them
The masses are dying
But what do they care
They sin in their pleasures
Spend sordid money
Protect their own interests
And kiss of the rest

(Chorus )

Go and burn in hell
You must burn in hell
Enjoy your burn in hell
Why don't you burn in hell?

Corrupt politicians
And lying schemers
Pervert everything good
Screwing things up
Government leaders
Bombing and killing
Bloody death slaughter
Destruction is primed

(Repeat Chorus)

Nuclear conflict
With mind melting onslaught
Will rattle the earth
And fry us alive
Greed and power
Demanded by morons
Shall rip us apart
And signal our end

(Repeat Chorus twice)

The devil is laughing
And counting up black souls
Fools are adding
Hell to their gains
Damnation and torture
Eternally evil
Those in control
Are in for surprise
(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Destructor

Running to flee from the axe
Murderer crazed on warpaths
Everything’s dark and black
Shadows haunt upon the back of Destructor
Robot iron brain, computers insane
Impenetrable non-failing
What has gone wrong?
Man's met his match
By creating the monster, Destructor

How shall we fight it?
By missile of submarine
It has nuclear warheads in its fingertips
How shall we fight it?
By tank or by bombs
It has laser disintegrators in its eyes

Now man has done it
He's gone too far
Living is over
Cities molten tar
No human shall ever survive
When Destructors through
Those alive will beg to die
Rockets to ruin, world is ablaze
Iron fist rulin' above the haze
Man is no longer a victim of science
Metal man is stronger, a hellish appliance
Track Name: Chambers of Darkness

In a mansion, driven by desire
You were taken in by fire
Hypnotized by a magical force
Ready to run the treacherous course
Fooled by its elegant grace
Know you're in a terrible place
Forever gone is the light of day
You're in for a very long stay

Prisoner - in chambers of darkness
Prisoner - in dungeons of danger
Prisoner - in chambers of darkness
Prisoner - Guarded by strangers
Caught in chambers of darkness
Lost in a world of madness

Now you're searchin' the depths of old
In the cellar, dark and cold
For adventure, you stepped out of line
You went much too far this last time
And now there's no one for your aid
Just another victim of a crazy escapade
Forever trapped, you're bound in chains
A demon tyrant has the chains
Track Name: Bloodbath

Tearing through the streets
He’s on the prowl
Searching for some meat
Like a tiger growl
When he comes upon them
No stopping his wrath
The wild maniac howl
Of purifying bloodbath

His name has been filthy
And dragged through the sewer
Screaming for vengeance
The battle is nuclear
Laugh at his might
Think that he jokes
With one strike
Headless with one stroke

Listen to the reason
The damage is done
Like a vigilante
The guilty shall run
When he comes upon them
No mercy is served
Crushing their skulls
Is the least they deserve

Time to stand up
And fight for the goods
Time to stand up
And fight for the goods
God's holy wrath
Will burn the dead wood
In their bloody graves
Their souls are burning
Illusive to kill
While the evil is still lurking
Track Name: Are You Ready to Die

Almighty Father, Lord Supreme
And his son the king of kings
In the Spirit of the Holy Ghost
Divine creator of all living things

Are you ready to die?
Are you ready to die?
Are you ready to die?
Really ready to die

Will you fall or will you fly?
Will you fall or will you fly?
Did you live a truth or lie?
Truth or lie
Are you ready to die?
Really ready to die
Are you ready to die?
Really ready to die

We bring you praise and spread your word
From mountain high to valley low
There'll be no rest 'til all men's heard
Believe in him before you're gone

Listen to my words before you leave
Life is short but time goes on
Step out of darkness and walk in the light
Save your souls, are you really ready?

(Repeat chorus)
Track Name: Metal Man

He's chewing up glass
Spitting out blood
He does it for kicks
To impress everyone
He wears black leather
Sports a tattoo
Eats with a switchblade
He’s one bad dude


Metal man
That’s what I am
Commanding respect
Is what I demand
Never plays games
Or fools with words
You shall bow
Under cross swords

Harley low rider
Second to none
Hundred miles an hour
From zero to one
Metal mad music
Sings in his brain
Playin' hot fast licks
Burnin' liquid propane

Spiked leather boots
And studded wrist bands
Everyone respects him
He’s in command
He lives he's own life
Does as he pleases
He gets what he wants
So get down on your knees
Dark, and vile, you earned
This fire eternal

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Reign of Terror

Run and Hide
Because your life is over
Now it’s time to pay
For sins so evil
Hell goes to you the Devil’s lover
Cry, in pain, it is,
Your most sweet payment


Scream and wail
To deaf ears
Repent and hiss in hate

Grab, for life, mercy
Will never meet you
Woe, to you, Devil
You reign of terror
Cast, to hell, until
You rot in ashes
Black, no light
Listen hear the horror

(Repeat Chorus)

Pray, and fool, screwed up
And blew your chances
Howl, and sigh, but wait
The worst will soon come
Want to die? No way!
You must be punished
Track Name: Gargoyle (available on CD only)

High on a rock slab watching the city
Guarding the secrets of old
Sitting thru ages of lying and cheating
And hellish evils untold
Seething in times of death and destruction
Waiting to rest one day
The passing of man you patiently wait
He will have hell to pay

The fall of Rome and the rise of Hitler
You have endured it all
The capture and slaughter of millions of people
Blood on the Berlin wall
Bombing and killings
They never end
Man is his own evil foe
With nuclear war growing and building
Death is touch and go

Built of granite
Suspended in time
Knowing there is no escape
Perched to view
Man’s many mistakes
Leaving his mouth agape
Counting the minutes
Counting the seconds
Cemented to see it all
Brooding in reason
Sizing it up is the curtain fall
Track Name: My Life (available on CD only)

Out on the high road
Doin' it my way
I'm looking for some adventure
The radio's playin'
Kicks out the hot jams
I don't really know what to say
People travelin' down that road
Looking for some adventure
When I hear you call me
Are you really there?

Cause it's my life
My life baby
My life, leave me alone
My life, my life honey
My life, leave me alone

I played the game
Life's a game
The cards I'm dealt
Are always the same
The game goes on
The stakes get higher
My life is so unchanged
People come and people go
They don't seem to give a damn
Then I hear you call me
I don't know where I am

(Repeat Chorus)

Out on the high road
Doin' it my way
I'm looking for some adventure
The radio's playin'
Kicks out the hot jams
I don't really know what to say
People travelin' down that road
Looking for some adventure
When I hear you call me
Are you really there?
Still U travel down that road
Looking for some adventure
The sun is slowly fading
Are you really there?

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Leaving for Yesterday (available on CD only)

Yes I'm lost now
One million miles away
You're so frozen now
Why did you go away?
Through tossing oceans of water
Through screaming
Hours of pain
We made it thru
Thru long hours of solitude
And ice that chilled me
Down to my soul

Now I'm leaving
I'm leaving for yesterday
Cause I'm leaving
I'm leaving for yesterday

Yes I’m lost now
There's no sun
To warm the day
You’re so frozen
Why did you go away?
You helped me
Through the tears of the age
And called me out of the depths
Of the bottled cage

(Repeat Chorus)

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