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Too Late to Pray


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Running Out of Time Lyrics by E. Burgess & music by E. Burgess/ C, Pennell/ T,Merritt You run me ragged You worry me to death Your games of heavy petting Are games you play the best Let´s push it to the limit Let´s put it to the test It´s time to put our love on the line But there´s one thing you got to know I can´t take much more Oh! No! Cause I´m running out of time Out of time Miss lonely Virgin Mary Or is it just a fake You robbed me blind of my love And now it´s turned to hate I see I lost at love Seen the tables turn You really don´t leave me any choice But there´s one thing you got to know I can´t take much more Oh! No!
Taking Your Chances Lyrics & music by E. Burgess Lately your life has not been what it seems You´ve lost your drive for childhood dreams But I know where you´re coming from Cause I´ve been there before It´s not easy looking up to your mentors You´ve to hold on, get grip on your life And you´ll score We will never fade away You´ve to believe what you say The chances you don´t take Could end your life one day Taking your chances Living day by day You see it´s not a catastrophe yet There´s still time to change your bet You got to living while your still have time You don´t want to be old and still asking why You got to hold on, get a grip on your life tonight Don´t listen to the crowd cause they don´t know They pull and pressure until you go You can´t conform to their ways You gotta leave and just break away Leave them behind or you´ll be the one to pay
Distant Eyes 04:38
Distant Eyes Lyrics & music by E. Burgess I´ve been around for a long, long time I´ve seen your face and I´ve seen your kind With the way that you walk I know what you want You use your love for a deadly taunt No matter how hard I try There´s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide It gets harder every day I pray and pray, but there´s no escaping your Distant eyes Mental anguish in my mind Distant eyes Always following me There´s no escaping Your distant eyes I leave the city and go for ride To try and forget your bodily bribes But I cannot come back to you Your distant eyes make my nightmares come true Everywhere I turn Around every corner, around every curve There´s still the same feeling I will never recover from Your Distant eyes Mental anguish in my mind Distant eyes Always following me There´s no escaping Your distant eyes
Too Late to Pray Lyrics & music by E. Burgess You´re feeling weaker and begin to sweat You´ve forgotten the horror But it´s not over yet You´ve forgotten the sins of your former past life And now your are done in by the slice of a knife You cry out, like a helpless child Rest your eyes but just for awhile Prepare yourself for you are unknown To the many ones who hear your groan ´Cause it´s too late to pray It´s your turn to pay Now you’re the prey In this infinite matinee It´s all coming back so fast so clear Ending your life with death by fear It seems as though you can´t recall Your final plea or your beckoning call
Rock the House Down Lyrics & music by E. Burgess You work all week for your pay With a boss that treats you like a slave Now it´s your time to scream and shout You´re ready to rock without any doubt Pull out all of the stops You are away from the eyes of moms and pops Stand your ground,, you have a right to roar Let all your frustrations out And now - You rock the house down You rock it down You rock the house down You rock it down The teacher says you must learn that and this And if you don´t you´ll feel the crack of a whip Hey you with the long hair you´re stereotyped You´re a hippie, a junkie, you´re just not right
Catch Me If You Can Catch me if you think you can I know I´m fading fast This blissful life I´m living now I know will never last I´m laying on my death bed Here waiting to go home So catch me if you think you can My soul is starting to roam My spirit floats away My body´s here to stay This feeling can´t be right Never ending light Some people mourn my death Others laugh instead I will not be condemned Someone´s got to: Catch me if you can Catch me if you can They lower me to my grave Still dark in my eyes I say my final prayer Devil´s all in disguise Tomorrow, they will never think about me again Until they come into the night and take me to my end They´re on their knees Begging please, don´t take me away It´s ending in another day They´re full of sorrow Faces aghast with horror Their bodies feel the pain They scream! Please, catch me if you can Catch me if you can
Longing for Home Lyrics by S. Board & music by E. Burgess Longing for home in the darkness Longing for home in the light I´m so far away from the feeling The feeling that touches you right Let the people all come together Let the feeling pass into their hearts And I can´t stand the pain of your love Far away and now I´m beginning to start! I´m longing for home Longing for home Want to feel a crime of passion I need to feel a crime of pain Put the light in my eyes Away from the night Out of the cold and the rain Give me something that I can dream on Something that won´t fade away Let me play the charade the wiser men made The feeling it just remains
She Burns 04:33
She Burns Mystic and mysterious She comes to you in the night Forged with an image of a candle burning bright With a long satin gown and eyes of fire Get you in her sight she'll take you higher and higher The instant that you hear her laugh you’ll have no choice You can’t escape her spell You’ve gotta get out you can’t go She Burns…she burns Now’s she's got you in her power Your final hour is here No time to waste Your mind is full of fear This will be your final end To a never ending curse You know it's just beginning Prepare yourself for the worst You are her victim but only for tonight Your soul begins to glow into the darkness of the night She Burns…she burns
Easy Money 04:55
Easy Money She walks slowly down the avenue Looking for her next customer She don’t care she’s got it made Layin’ on her back to get the bills paid And she knows that in a couple of years She’ll be able to kiss this goodbye Until then she keeps on walking And the tears they fill her eyes In her mind she’s not doin’ wrong It’s the same old story The same old song Only way to get what she wants She’s the best qualified With a body that flaunts (Chorus) Easy Money A trick of the hand A one night stand Easy Money It’s only easy money to you She gives you a price written down in ink It’s kept very secret and very discreet And then she says your place or mine? To a sleazy motel or to dinner with wine And she knows how to treat the men right She be a hooker, your sister or your wife It’s all no difference to her It’s nothing personal and she calls you sir (Repeat Chorus)
Stay in the Fight Scared of their evil ways Careless their path Don’t fall for anything They want you to fall Victim to their trap Were ruining our world they say But they don’t know They’re fueling the fire That makes us grow and grow Can’t leave us alone Why can’t they see our point of view? It is time we stood up til’ the day Lifting our cause, we’ve got to! (Chorus) Stay in the Fight Keep the fire burning tonight Stay in the Fight Only we know If we are wrong or right Every time we turn around We’re being blamed again Trouble is brewing We’ve got our freedom to defend They want it to stop, silence forever Staying dead and buried in the past They can’t take it away It’s ours forever Why can’t they see? Just leave us alone Let us sing our songs It will never be (Repeat Chorus) After we're dead and gone What will they have accomplished? Sometimes you have belief Know the wheels they are still turning It’s up to us to pave the way There’s no alternatives We got to fight today, today! Stand believe We can’t turn our heads and walk away We’ve got to stand together No matter the nasty weather We’ve got to, we’ve got to (Repeat Chorus)
All Night Long Goin’ out on the town tonight Get myself feelin’ right Lookin’ for a virgin queen And I’ve got her in my sight. I look her up, she looks me down She looks good with her hair so brown She gives me a wink and a nod And away we leave from the crowd She gets me alone in her room And away we start to go Right before I made my move She said to me There’s one thing you’ve got to know (Chorus) You’ve got to take me Roll me, rock me all-night Take me, roll me, rock me Roll me, rock me all-night Roll me, rock me all-night long I said fine I’ll play your game But tomorrow I won’t remember your name Let’s get it straight right now Do you feel the same? She said you’re a one night stand I’m lookin’ for a lifetime romance Want someone to have and to hold To have our marriage planned Then I headed for the door The she said let’s talk some more And before I knew what hit me She had me down on the floor (Repeat Chorus) Then I headed for the door The she said let’s talk some more And before I knew what hit me She had me down on the floor We were on the floor (Repeat Chorus)
Like A Banshee on the Loose In the dark of the night On a cold dark street You and him you shall meet It will be unexpected You’ll be unprotected From the power that he will release You don’t know why he’s come after you It don’t matter 'cause you’re bound to lose You’ve forgotten your filthy past Your existing life will never last (Chorus) Like a banshee on the loose Choosing any life he'll choose Like a banshee on the loose And tonight it was you! He walks among the dead Their eternal life he'll dread Now it’s time for you to go The hand of fate is never slow He is the reaper The hand of fate of death You’re lost souls keeper Mistaking you’re the best You are not fit for hell And you deserve the worst You’ll find the pages Are a thousand times overturned He laughs as you die A gleam in his eye Soldier at his best he’s never satisfied He laughs for days, as your fading into black He takes your soul away it your turn to pay (Repeat Chorus)
Fight the Beast We were warned of its coming But realized too late Was this a strange prophecy? Or just a bad twist of fate? (Bridge) Now it’s too late To stop and turn back now Nothings at stake Nothing left to do (Chorus) Fight the beast fight the beast Make him bleed to say the least Fight the beast fight the beast Make him wish he’s dead! Fight the beast fight the beast Burn his soul for our feast Fight the beast fight the beast Make him wish he’s dead. That day will come When his life is finally paid For all the innocent people For all those we saved Sending an image now One never to forget Seven years of bad luck From a promise you’ll pay the debt (Repeat Bridge & Chorus)


released May 5, 2017

Cerebus is:

Scott Board- Vocals
Eric Burgess- Bass
Chris Pennell- Guitars
Andy Huffine- Guitars
Joby Barker- Drums (tracks 1-9,14)
Steve Arnold - Drums (tracks 10-13)

Tracks: 1-10 from 1986 ‘Too Late to Pray’ LP
Tracks: 10-14 from 1987 ‘…Like a Banshee on the Loose’ EP
Track: 14 originally recorded 1985

Produced by CEREBUS, Thomas Rowan & John Robbins
Engineered by John Robbins & Thomas Rowan
Recorded at Sound Lab Studios, Greensboro, NC
1987 Songdancer Music Inc., ASCAP
1989 Rockduster Records
Cover art by A. Fish
2017 executive producers J. Golden & G. Shafer
2017 Thomas Rowan at Sound Lab Studios, Greensboro, NC
2017 re-mastering by Jamie King at The Basement Studio NC in Winston-Salem, NC
Photography provided by Donald Dyson & Bobby Dalto
Layout design by Chris Ferguson


all rights reserved



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