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The Oubliette


  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    • Fifth full-length album
    • Multi-page booklet
    • Complete lyrics
    • Limited to 500 copies worldwide

    FOR FANS OF: Opeth, Riverside, Porcupine Tree,

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    edition of 500 

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STAGE 1: HIS NAME IS HENRY No one comes around anymore He is the furthest thing from their mind Henry thinks that he’s going home But he was abandoned here, and here he’ll stay As kind as a man can be Discarded with hardly a word He doesn’t yet know His whole world is gone A warm smile and hopeful eyes Greeting everyone as a friend Inoculated against woe Of doom and gloom he’s unaware Patient is he, waiting in vain For the door to open They’re analyzing (agonizing), penalizing (neutralizing), criticizing (minimizing), fantasizing (ostracizing), paralyzing, supervising (and surmising) all will be lost soon At times the hazy static in his mind would give way to momentary lucidity. Recollections as real and focused as sunlight Separations vanish as his senses would thoughtlessly betray Reality or merely the memory (of a memory) here? Only to forget, only to vanish Awake and in the moment yet pitifully unaware He knows with resolute conviction here he does not belong. The dull ache of an absence he's yet to realize This parting yet to be understood Soon enough in him the optimist will die "Let me go," he begs. With tearful eyes, he smiles to hide he’s desperate Get away. He wants to scream yet still he Just smiles Hoping for Mary. This ceaseless dream confounds, bears no understanding “Am I a prisoner?” His fears swirl and swarm like flies Parades of unfamiliar faces passing by Stolen from his home or his home stolen from him? Parades of unfamiliar faces passing by
STAGE 2: THE CAPTIVE What have you done with my wife? (Get your hands off me!) Mary can you hear my voice? (I don’t belong here) Open this door Release me from this cage You have the wrong man I’m not a criminal Tell me what have you done with her? Terrifying to believe I’ve been locked away Must be some kind of mistake Who would leave me here alone? I can’t see the sunrise through these walls Who do they think I am? What do they think I’ve done? They try to tell me that this is my home Malefactor they must think me to be Get out! Let me go! How can I convince them that I’m not the one Deserving to be here alone Get out! Let me go!
STAGE 3: THE PALLIATIVE BREATH The holes are deepening in my mind. Memories like phantoms die Approaching doors, extending hands Turn the knob and what do I find? Only a stark emptiness Nothing here now. No future mine But no past behind I’m just another empty shell. Death of the mind No one beside Perhaps this is my own hell Do not ask me to remember Don’t try to make me understand Let me rest and know you’re with me Kiss my cheek and hold my hand I’m so confused and I’m so lost. So the best of me is done. All this time Further away I know there’s even worse to come Leaving me My faculties A brief pause in this madness A chance for me to recognize my end A young man passed by here today, He said, “good to see you.” He seemed so kind the more we spoke He told me of his father old. Poor boy was confused, called me “Dad” left in falling tears I don’t understand why he’s so sad it makes me want to runaway in fact I just want to fly away I still want to fly away So the best of me is done. All this time Further away I know there’s even worse to come Leaving me My faculties
STAGE 4: THE DREAM Float out away from this place. And all that they know. Beneath a sunless sky you might Remember who you are. Henry is it in you to give up? Live in dust Turn to rust In a night or in a day In a vision or in none Hope it seems will disappear Do you see? Do you seem? Will they be there when You open Eyes again Mary I can See you standing Wrapped in white So beautiful I’m so glad to See you again I’ve been so alone. Hold my hand No more fear Lost so much You appear Stay with me Where have you been? Why can’t I hear you? Your lips are moving But nothing’s clear. My hands are trembling My wings are broken Will you lift me up with Your song? Do I dream? Is this real? Can I see? Can I feel? Flying higher, clouds so far beneath us. I knew you'd come back to me. Gravity is calling us back home. We can break it, we can break free Henry you know I'm not really here. No, I won't let you go! All dreams dissolve I too disappear. Please don't leave me alone again! Falling down…
STAGE 5: THE NIGHTMARE No one’s listening You’re alone now Henry We will take Everything Starting with Memories Your true love Remember she is dead? We will Take your hands Take your legs Take your lungs Take your eyes Paralyzed Like an insect pinned in place Though you feel it all Steal from you that sweetest melody Feel the tide drawing you further down Here exists no more reverie Just melancholy and woe See now, your body won’t obey Trapped inside an endless night Relive the darkest of all your days Real and dream will cease to have a line Watch as you burn without flame Fugitive is hope So pitiless are we Here on this despondent shore Now or then Then or now Tell me Henry, Is it now or is it then? The pitiful fragments of your mind Won’t permit you to differentiate All woe Shall be Visited upon you, Henry No more light in your eyes No more words from your lips Rejoice in this mute hell All this chaos concealed (you won’t reveal) In this imprisoned mind Left with no recourse (no where to go) You will wish you could die Death comes – so slowly in this blankness You’ll beg – for it to all end Hope leaves – all now extinguished Trapped here – a corpse that can’t die Sullen – your body a casket Frozen – a glacial mind Bottomless – perdition to dwell Empty – is your hell All woe Shall be Visited upon you, Henry No more light in your eyes No more words from your lips Rejoice in this mute hell All this chaos concealed (you won’t reveal) In this imprisoned mind Left with no recourse (no where to go) You will wish you could die There is no way out.
STAGE 6: THE OUBLIETTE Can’t speak Can’t eat Cemented to this bed Can’t breathe Can’t think An empty oubliette now Pieces of who I was… Forming a river under… Listless and unaware… Not dead. Not asleep. I am awake. Never knowing. Never showing you. White coats do not see me… Machines talk to them… Each day a new stranger… Think I’m gone but… I am awake. I know… My mind won’t heal. My body died And left me behind. Blank space Where memories once were. Please god Just let me die.


The Reticent is an NC outfit that is, as Hard Rock Haven put it, “progressive in the truest sense of the term.” Beginning as an atmospheric acoustic side project for mastermind Chris Hathcock while he toured with war-metallers Wehrwolfe, The Reticent has become a fully realized emotional experience rooted in progressive rock and metal. This was epitomized in the band’s critically acclaimed 2016 release on Heaven & Hell Records, “On The Eve Of A Goodbye” produced by Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Scale the Summit). The album was a tragic autobiographical concept record that chronicled the day before, day of, and the day after the suicide of Hathcock’s childhood friend Eve. Critics and fans of the record alike were moved by the compelling narrative and heartrending performances. The Reticent has gone even further in their live performances to create an audiovisual emotional experience unlike any other by utilizing film, story-telling, and the sheer intensity of the music. Such unique and evocative performances have earned The Reticent a reputation throughout the American east coast as a stellar live show, taking in awards for their live performances from magazines like YES! Weekly. This intense live experience was achieved thanks to the incredible talents of The Reticent’s other members: James Nelson (Ozai), Cliff Stankiewicz (Abacab, Interstellar Overdrive), and Mitch Moore (Rites to Sedition, Inferion).

In 2019, Hathcock began preparing The Reticent for a new concept album and an all new stage show. The forthcoming album (again produced by King), “The Oubliette,” is another stirring autobiographical tale, this time of the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease. Fans and critics alike are eager to sink their teeth into another intense emotional outpouring of progressive metal as The Reticent prepares to release new music and strike back out on the road.


released September 25, 2020

• All songs performed by: Chris Hathcock (all instruments and vocals) except for:
Lead guitar solos by James Nelson
Tenor Sax by Andrew Lovett
Female Vocals by Amanda Caines
Additional Gutturals on Stage 5 by Steven Wynn
Voice acting by Juston Green, Amanda Caines, and Rei Haycraft
Symphonic Winds by the 2018-19 Jordan Wind Ensemble conducted by Chris Hathcock
• All songs written by: Chris Hathcock
• Produced by: Jamie King and Chris Hathcock
• Mixed by: Jamie King
• Mastered by: Jamie King
• Album Artwork by: Chris Ferguson
• Chris Hathcock is a member of ASCAP

Album Band Line Up:
Chris Hathcock – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals, Additional Percussion
James Nelson – Lead Guitars


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