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Standing Still


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Hideaway 02:29
Hideaway When I was young I used to think That I could ease my mind By telling other people of the thoughts I chose to hide But they never listened, they laughed, they thought I was mad Well I may be crazy but I learned a lesson from that What I feel and what I hide Is something better left inside my mind So I began to hideaway the thoughts I didn’t say Some stay with me all the time While others fade to gray Now people tell me I’m normal I don’t disagree I laugh to myself and continue to hide what I see What I feel and what I hide Is something better left inside What I feel and what I hide Is something better left inside my mind There are some things you should not say Some things you’d better hide-a-way Better hideaway (repeat 4x)
Standing Still (A Nightmare) I sit at home at night alone in my room The world outside is all confusion The cars, the noise, the people screaming in my face Avoid it all, that’s my solution My life goes on while I stand still I wish I had my own free will My life is planned for me, I know just what I’ll do From day to day with little variation Though I don’t like it much there’s nothing I can change I don’t want any complications My life goes on while I stand still I wish I had my own free will My life goes on while I stand still I wish I had my own free will My life goes on while I stand still I had a dream one time It came to me at night It told me what could happen if I only dare I felt fulfilled and happy, everything was right Then I awoke to face the nightmare My life goes on while I stand still (Standing still, Standing still) I’ve got to find my own free will (Standing still, Standing still) I just can’t leave it all to fate (Standing still, Standing still) I must do something before it’s too late
Out of Time 04:02
Out of Time Slippin’ out the back door Slip in through the side Something’s goin’ on around here Lookin’ up behind me Staring at the light Shining down upon my hair I don’t understand this feeling that I got Things are going wrong now Twisting up the plot ‘Cause I was checkin’ to the left now Checkin’ to the right Checkin’ all around the scene Someone comes running Screaming out in fright Falling down upon his knees Looking Mighty run-down, Tears roll Down his face Looking up at me now this is what he had to say (Chorus) I wanted to know if you could help out a stranger Cause I can’t run anymore And I think you should know That all our lives are in danger Our freedom’s on the line And we’re running out of time Turning back around Not knowing what to say I don’t think I’ll even try He’s a crazy madman Obvious enough I’ll just leave him here to die Thinking on it later, maybe I was wrong Image flashing through my head is so strong (Chorus) 2X
Play to Win 03:12
Play to Win People always try to tell me “You won’t go to far” I Say “You may be right, but I’ll try to prove you wrong” (Chorus) ‘Cause there’s one thing that you’re not counting on I won’t give up I’m pushing on and on Life is a game to me And when I play a game I play to win There was a time when I was desperate and depressed But then, I knew that I should do what I do best (Chorus) Well I’ve done some thinking on this thing we call life I see it as just a game Some people win, some people lose And there’s no- one but yourself to blame (Chorus) People say I won’t go far You know I’m going to prove them all wrong Life is a game to me And when I play a game I PLAY TO WIN!
Slave of Ages Past Part One- Slave Born a slave of ages past Bastard son of time Maturing as loathsome beast Amidst the filth and grime As each new light arises So hatred swells inside Escaping not the whips of guards Who entertain their friends By causing pain and misery In bloody, scared, old men And as the moon illuminates Small hopes begin to die Part Two- Escape Rising with a start and filled with anger Bursting with a rage not felt before Fleeing for his life with no surrender Looking only toward the distant shore Behind, the shouting voices Cannot stop, there are no choices The stone-torn feet keep pushing Running through the night Escape is now a word of meaning Savoring the taste of freedom Dive into the waters cooling freshness Feel the water filling every pore Never knowing how the tides are moving Swimming to a life on distant shores And now the sea is raging Once again all hope is fading Gasping out for air He feels the water drag him down His mind is filled with darkness His body floats toward distant shores Part III- FREEDOM And as the sea spits out her wastes A pale and lifeless body covers sand Golden beams of sunlight Slowly warm the skin As scavengers surround their prey The feast will soon begin Then with a start new breathe draws in The eyes squint in the light The memories come washing back It seems he won the fight Rising once again and filled with wonder Thanking all his gods and destiny Life begins anew today for one man Understanding that he will live free He can’t control his laughter Now he’s found his ever after Running off across the shore The hunters strike him down Al Paglia- guitars Jimmy Friedel- bass Rick Basha- drums Bernie McNabb- vocals Produced by Scarlet Bride & Rick (Smitty) Smith Recorded at O.B. Studios Engineer- Harry O’Brien Mixed at Sounds Incredible Engineer- Dirge Cover by Mike Domachowske


SCARLET BRIDE was a four-piece traditional power metal band based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The band consisted of members Bernie McNabb (vocals), Al Paglia (guitar), Jimmy Friedel (bass) and Rick Basha (drums).

The group was formed in early 1983 in upstate New York under the moniker Warlock. They would make their move to Atlanta in August of 1985. After a short time in Atlanta, the band would fire their original singer replacing him with fellow New Yorker Bernie McNabb. With a new singer, the band would set out to make a name for themselves on the local scene as SCARLET BRIDE. They gigged relentlessly, both locally and up and down the Southeast. They would also play support act for several national touring acts such as Helix, Nazareth, Waysted, Savatage and Warlock among others.

During the band’s time in Atlanta, they would record a self-released 5-song EP. Several thousand copies of the demo would spread throughout the heavy metal underground and begin receiving airplay all across the country on both commercial and college radio stations.
Eventually, SCARLET BRIDE would head west towards the Sunset Stripe. Once in California the band found the overcrowded streets of hard rock and heavy metal hopefuls, both posers and serious musicians all trying to get a break. After several showcases at the Whiskey, Gazzarri's, The Troubadour and all the other usual hotspots playing in front of packed houses and several record company executives, SCARLET BRIDE would, unfortunately, become one of the many casualties of the 1980s LA gold rush. The band would end up splitting apart. Half of the band would move back east the other members would stay behind and take their chances.

Over the years, the SCARLET BRIDE EP would become obscured, buried in time, as well as pretty rare.


released April 23, 2021

Jimmy Friedel - Bass
Rick Basha - Drums
Al Paglia - Guitars
Bernie McNabb - Vocals

Original 1987 release
Produced by Scarlet Bride and Rick (Smitty) Smith.
Recorded at O.B. Studios.
Engineer: Harry O'Brien and Dirge.
Mixed at Sounds Incredible
2021 executive producers J. Golden & G. Shafer
Remastered by Jamie King at
Cover Art & layout design by Chris Ferguson


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