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Standing on the Edge (The Demos)


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SOUL STRIPPER I got a story to tell you better listen well I was brought down to my knees Late last night in the mystical light My heart began to bleed I left my stand with a drink in my hand And a lady by my side We started for an open door And headed for a ride Chorus; She’s a soul stripper strip you of your rights Soul stripper eat you in the night Ya ya Can’t seem to forget the night we met When I looked into her eyes With Satan’s smile it took me awhile To finally realize Not a lady at all she loves to crawl Cause that’s what she does best When she finished with me I was begging her please Lay me down to rest Chorus; Bridge/Lead Rolling thunder making me wonder Why the lightening strikes But only when she’s making a friend In the middle of the night Get you alone break your bones Crack your brain in two Before you know just where to go Her soul is inside of you Chorus;
Hunger For Love I see you standing there Pretend that I don’t care Let the truth be know of me The lust I crave is deep Well I hunt And I search And I get What I want Hunger for love In the night the hunger never dies I can see hear feel your lies The hunt well on the way Sink my teeth into my prey Pre Chorus………. (Repeat Chorus) Hunger for love Yes I’m out for your love Hunger for love I need more than enough Hunger for love Yes your starving my love Hunger for love Now I’m taking I’m stealing I’m craving your love In the night I see you standing there My eyes on you Your quite aware You feel the vibes coming on Are you ready for lust It won’t be long (Repeat Pre Chorus) Love Hunter Love for free Love Hunter Love for me Time is the answer It lets you know You see me coming I’ll steal the show Get ready for me I’m ready for you Take what I got It’s way overdue (Repeat Chorus) I’m on the run A never-ending race Thrill of the kill I love the chase My guns are loaded I got you in view Take what I got It’s way overdue (Repeat Chorus)
Heavy Metal Victory Rise up get out of you seats Tonight’s the night for victory Get up just go to the beat I’m gonna win got it coming to me (Pre Chorus) Shout it Shout rock & roll Scream Now reach into your soul (Chorus) Shout it out Heavy metal victory Come on Heavy metal victory If you got it be willing to try To play the game It’s so easy to score Can you feel it The loudness getting you off Take a chance I said it before (Repeat Pre Chorus) (Repeat Chorus) (Pre Chorus) (Repeat Chorus; +2
LIVING FOR THE THRILL I don’t have to change my ways of living just for you I’d rather be an outcast than a fool I got my world pleasure and I got my world of pain It’s not my fault that we don’t think the same Pre Chorus; So now I’m taking action can’t you see I can taste your love it’s not for me Call me the outlaw of your dreams Give it all away know what I mean Chorus; Living for the thrill Dying for the kill Living for the thrill Doing what I will Living on the edge of time in the dust of fate Looking for what’s coming I can’t wait Got no burden on my shoulder fending for myself Have no worries for nobody else Pre Chorus; Chorus; -Lead Break- Pre Chorus; Chorus;
Alone Without You Put away hands of time Take along these lonely hearts astray Lost your way time of day New horizons bring new starts (Pre Chorus) I wish that things would never change All I wants for love to stay the same All these changes too many changes I’ll be waiting… (Chorus) Alone with out you I’m alone without you Alone without you Go beyond moments spared Given time I feel the way ‘Cause of you love in blue Gets me thru Just a love blind day (Repeat Pre Chorus) (Chorus) Feelings inside I just can’t hide Can’t find my way without you
Standing On The Edge Coming around, going around It always comes back to you Holding on tight till it feels right Watching out for what I do (Pre Chorus) Never do more than I need I’ve always got it on my mind And it seems to me that I’m (Chorus) Standing on the edge Standing on the edge Standing on the edge Standing on the edge Going my way dare me to say Whatever feels good to me Taking a chance spare the last glance Now or never it’s got to be Pre Chorus; Chorus; Chorus +2
Hot to Rock 04:04
LADY OF THE EVENING Don’t know what happened girl You chose the wrong road You’ve taken to the corner light For your mind an awful load You used to be so sweet and innocent Now your feeling heat Never thought it’d become of you Working on the street Chorus; Lady of the night Don’t know wrong from right Lady of the evening ya You never get uptight What made you change your mind To do the things you do What’s come over you girl Taking money for a screw But Lord I must confess I’ve seen it in the past Taking in a different lover Not wanting one to last Chorus/Lead Well I hope your happy now Got bruises on your face If that’s the kind of love you want You gotta learn to keep the pace You know you better please him good Or you’ll just get beat again And every time that you do It’s me who feel the pain Chorus;
Say No More 03:45
SAY NO MORE Your my love simple and so free But somehow not meant to be We care for each other but we are not the same Tho my feelings for you will never change Chorus; Say no more pretty lady Say no more little girl So unsure yet maybe I can take you round the world Whisper softly sweet memories Of how it was for you and me Loving you so gently wanting you so near Never meant to bring so many tears Chorus/Lead As we drift along we slowly drift apart Loneliness filled my heart How I still feel for everything in you Looking in your eyes your feeling it too Chorus;
VISIONS OF YOU My one and only goal in life I must fulfill my dreams of you Cause I believe in what they say Your dreams can all come true When I’m all alone and I go to sleep Visions flashing through my mind It’s you I see in all my dreams Just like your always mine Chorus; I don’t know you I gotta make this dream come true So I can show you All the things we’ll love to do Dreams of you all through my head Only when I sleep alone Longing for the day to come In my mind I hear you moan Wishing I could find a way To make my dreams come true for me Your in my head most every night Dreaming is for free Chorus/Lead In the depth of my imagination You have placed your kiss inside Need so badly what you gave But your only in my mind Like a dream come true I’m wanting you Waiting for so patiently For that special day to come When you become a part of me


Formed in 1982 in Vancouver, Canada by a leather-clad quartet featuring bassist Steve Courchaine, guitarist Harry Degen, drummer Claude Erfon and vocalist Tod Anthony Larkin.

One of VanCity’s first heavy metal bands, KRADLE would have the talent, the look and the sound craved by an eagerly awaiting audience. And after a stroke of luck and a chance opportunity, the band would find themselves presented with possibilities that could have elevated KRADLE to the next level. But bad decisions, mismanagement and an untimely tragedy would inevitably seal KRADLE’s fate.


released August 26, 2022

Steve Courchaine Bass
Claude Erfon Drums
Harry Degen Guitars
Tod Anthony Larkin (R.I.P. 1989)

All music by KRADLE
All lyrics by Steve Courchaine

Kradle Demo: Recorded at ICA 1983
Say no More, Visions of You, Lady of The Evening
Engineered by Fabrizio Del Monte & Bob Jackson

4-track demos: Blunt’s basement unknown date
Recorded by Fabrizio Del Monte and Tim Blunt.

Kradle 4-song EP: Heavy Metal Victory, Hunger for Love, Soulstripper, Living for the Thrill
Recorded at Studio 525 1986
Engineered by Fabrizio Del Monte & Mike Landolt.

Kradle demo: Hot to Rock, Alone without You, Standing on the Edge
Recorded at Studio 525 1986
Engineered by Fabrizio Del Monte

Executive producers J. Golden & G. Shafer
Design by Chris Fergusen


all rights reserved



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