Second Death


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False Prophet was formed in the then musical barren wasteland known as Greensboro, NC. as a three piece by Paul Ray, Chris Lyndon and Tim Haisman under the moniker Abattoir, they were soon to be joined by Mike Morrison, and began their musical quest to create their brand of brutal assaulting metal. Taking their musical influences, from mid-80’s thrash from the west coast like Exodus and Dark Angel, death metal pioneers such as Venom and Possessed, the metal/hardcore ideals of bands from the east coast like Overkill, and the more melodically heavy music from Europe, and created a sound that was both aggressive and technical.
After recording an early demo entitled “Sign of the Cross” released in 1989, False Prophet starting garnering local and international attention, landing them opening slots for Danzig, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Death Angel, Confessor and Demolition Hammer, among others.
In 1991 False Prophet would self-release the album “The Second Death”. Around this time, original drummer Haisman would live the band and be replaced by Raymond Martin.
The band received great reviews and had numerous interviews with underground fanzines and metal magazines alike. Around 1992 the band changed their name Infernal Hierarchy. With the new name change, the band once again returned to the studio to record a two song demo, which would later be released on 7” by Rage Records in 1993. Once again, these songs showed the growing musicianship and songwriting that the constant practice and shows were helping the band to achieve. After much success with this release, the band decided to disband this incarnation due to personal circumstances.
Forward to the year 2013, and once again the name False Prophet is beginning to create rumblings in the underground music community. With the new found freedom of the internet, the band was approached by Heaven and Hell Records about re-releasing all of their previous material.
Enlisting Jamie King, producer of bands such as Between the Buried and Me, to remaster all of the old recordings, and the results are spectacular, resulting in the release of “The Second Death” with new packagingon CD with Heaven and Hell Records

For fans of; Morbid Angel, Demolition Hammer, Interal Bleeding, Kreator, Dark Angel


released December 24, 2013


all rights reserved


Track Name: Second Death
Second Death

Visions of an arrival
Scenes of what’s begun
Satan's second coming
Blasphemy the holy one
Blessed is he that believes
In those things which are written within
And hears the words of this prophecy
For the time that is at hand

Through the days of tribulation
Being faithful until the end
Cast in Satan's prison
Until the hells descended

Hear what is to be said
Listen and believe
Overcome the second death
Resist and receive

Repent or I will come quickly
Heed what I say
With the sword of my mouth
The end will come today

Overcome and sit with me
For I know you're not to blame
Gathered from the book of life
All believing the same

As you pray believe

Terrors attend the opening
Of the six seals
Bringing hell and death
As the blood spills
And I saw a white horse
Brought forth conquering and to conquer
Another being red
To take peace from the earth
The next being black
Protecting the satanic birth
And the last was pale
Plain for all to see
The rider being death
To kill, his destiny

And as the seals were opened
Shocked at what I heard
I saw under the altar
Those that were slain for the word
As the last seal was opened
Unleashing the terrors that attend
The moon as blood, the sun so black
Knowing that this is the end
The day of the wrath is to come
Who shall be able to stand all have
Waited for this time
Now die by his hand

In these days of torment
Death, nowhere is to be found
Even though widely sought
To life you are bound

The beast ascends out of the bottomless pit
To make war against them all
Dead bodies lie in the streets of Sodom
In the great city which shall fall

The wrath has come
And the time of the dead
All should be judged
Now that the word has spread

And there were wars in the heavens
As Satan was cast upon the earth
And he opened his mouth in
Blasphemy against god
The one he once served
Tormented with fire and brimstone
In the presence of the holy one
Are those who worship The Beast?
For his mark they will burn
The kingdom of the beast was full of darkness
And the abominations of the earth
Blasphemy the name of God
Never repenting for what it's worth

And I saw the dead
Small and great
Stand before God

And as they wait
The book was opened for all to see
The book of life
So hard to believe

Death and hell were cast into fire
As this is the second death
Those not found in the book of life
Were cast into fire with the rest

I saw a new heaven and earth
As the first passed away
For those who were judged
Will live to see a better day

There shall be no more death, no pain,
No sorrow, no blame

The first and the last
The beginning of the end
Track Name: Holy Deception
Holy Deception

Follow my way in my mind
You shall have so much more
Eternal pain will last forever

I'm your savior, I'm your lord
Life in me is evermore

Reconcile me as your guide
Your friend
And as I love you take me in
For all your trust, I ask for none
But for you to know I am the son
Son of the father, yes your holy father
The one you trust he is good to me
So he shall be to you

No time to wait come with me now
Look into this face, doesn't it seem holy?
The way I take your children by the hand
Yes I love them, let them come to me
I approve of this sacred act
And I know you will too

Oh, what treasures await you in his kingdom?
Now the gates are open, hear them calling you

What's wrong?
You look afraid
Don't be afraid
For all can be yours
See my smile, so full of warmth
Now come with me
Where fire is forever
Will you burn for me?
Track Name: In Satan's Name
In Satan's Name
From the realms of darkness
Evil has come
Life is taken
In Satan's name

Looking for religious ecstasy
What you find is pain and misery
Now that you see behind the lie
For a worthy cause you now die

Darkness has risen from the bowels of hell
Driven by a deadly intent to kill
Bringing death and defiance
All part of Satan's spell

What is this path you have chosen?
Life of evil, into the coven
Sadistic killing for a gain
All done in Satan's name

Desecration, violation
Destruction of humanity
Bring this world to ruins
Along with everything you see
Burned in his fear and evil that entraps you
Now you see that you're about to die
Death, crushing all forms of life
Defiance, all good must die
Contentment, never to be found
Resentment, to hell you go down
Sacrilegious activities
Destroying all that you see
Conjuring the chosen one
The birth of Satan's son

Walking the darkened path
Awaiting the black mass
Resurrection and sacrifice
Rise of the anti-Christ

Eternal damnation
With no salvation
Repentance denied
Demonic congregation

Blackened skies
Ritual cries
Bringing death
Another dies

Deliverance, the final death
Call up in the unblessed
Awaiting the overthrow
Bring the heavens down below

Satan, to whom I call
To my knees I fall
Satan, reborn again
Satan, the final sin

My presence is felt so near
Delivering the Christian fear
Corrupting the religious mind
Bringing the end of time

Now the time has come
The wrath has begun
Awaiting the final sign
I take your life as mine
Satan lives
Why worry
Why care
The end of the resistance
Will soon be here
No religious worries
No religious lies

Condemn the acts of God
Not knowing why
Knowing it was wrong
Not thinking twice
Speaking blasphemy
Of your savior Christ

See the truth you once denied
Followers of Satan pushed aside
Leading them to the light
Away from Satan's unholy plight
Heaven or Hell
Track Name: Forgotten Souls
Forgotten Souls

Somewhere in the dark abyss
Lay the souls of the dead
In between heaven and hell
Cursed by an ungodly spell
They once belonged to evil men
To Satan they are sent

Horror that their eyes have seen
Terror on the faces that scream
Prisoner of endless time
Victim of an unconscious mind
Motionless don't know what to think
Death planned or was it false

Before the night comes to an end
To the gates of hell you shall descended
Their numbers grow larger every night
In a timeless state, the evil plague
Having eternity to know your flesh
Never knowing that they were blessed

Hell opened before my eyes
Hear the tormented cry
Confusion is filling me
Death just let me be

Prisoner of endless time
Victim of the unconscious mind
Never again will they die
The only question they ask is why?
Track Name: Bring Back a Memory
Bring Back a Memory

Thoughts of what I've done
Brought back from the past
It happens so many times

How long will it last
Rituals I can't forget
Chants haunt me still
They never seem to leave me
For the blood I've spilled

I remember too clearly to believe
It was so long ago
All done serving
My lord below

Serving my master means more
Than the lives I take
The moments I remember
I can't forsake

The candles are lit
Masses begin
Engaging in sacrifice
Enticing sin

As the night grows
And the light is pushed away
Magic fills the air
Sacrifice will lead the way

The darkness interrupted
By the flickering light
Masses gather for the ungodly sight
High in the air the dagger shines
Ending its travel in the unholy shrine

The dagger falls
Ripping the flesh
Satan's followers
Are now as blessed

Streams of blood begin to flow
Around the altar all now go
Members strive to get a taste
In order to see what evil they face

The beginning of the end is now to come
Masses are over, all is done
Once again they will try the chase
To gather in this unholy place
See the faces lost in fear
Screams of pain are what I hear

What I must do to erase the past
From my mind or will they last
I've tried to put it all behind
Thoughts of regret are what I find
All the happenings haunt me still
All for the ones I've killed

I see the faces so clearly
As through a doorway of dreams
As if waiting for me is how it seems

Nervous breakdown coming over me
For all the things I've thought and seen
Why must they go on and on?
Bringing back a memory
Oh God, please forgive me
For all the things that I've done
I never thought this would happen
Why do I have to be the one?
Track Name: False Prophecy
False Prophecy

I stand before you
For a worthy cause
To do a bidding
Of Satan’s unwritten laws
Death begins now

A priest, holy and kind
From behind your altar of evil I find
A dark path, which you only know
Unholy and untrue, God’s foe
Why hide, behind this mask
A cult which performs unspeakable acts
Fools saying you’re a religious man
How can that be when you’re forever damned?


Converting Heaven into Hell
An incantation evil spell
Preach the word of your God
But who do you pray to
Ask the little children you slew
Good and evil follow them both
And the noose is on your throat

Enter a life of uncertainty
There is no fucking mercy
Follow him you’ll be saved
Entranced as Satan’s slave
Violent night, unholy night
Darkness begins to fall

As they do the bidding
Of Satan’s unwritten laws
Heed my warnings, I do not lie
Listen to this false man
Any you’ll be sure to…

Now You Die!

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