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Rolling Thunder


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metal29 Had to purchase this one when I found out it had been officially reissued and remastered by Heaven and Hell Records. Have to get more of their current/back catalog in the future before it goes out of print. Great "post apocalyptic/Mad Max" themed metal. Riffs and vocals augment themselves well. My album of the year for 2019 even though reissued over a year ago! Favorite track: Thermonuclear Warrior.
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davemadman This fucking rules!! Favorite track: Rolling Thunder.
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors thumbnail
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors Attila is one of those hidden gems from the 80's underground metal scene. Heaven and Hell Records is doing a helluva job rescuing tons of forgotten bands from those days. Favorite track: March of Kings.
  • ATTILA - Rolling Thunder re-mastered reissue CD
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album


    • Fully digitally re-mastered
    • First time ever officially on CD
    • Includes 6 bonus tracks
    Only available on CD version-
    • Full-color 16-page booklet
    • Brief band history & photos
    • Complete lyrics
    • Limited to 500 copies worldwide

    For fans of: Riot, Twisted Sister, Heavy Load & The Rods

    Includes unlimited streaming of Rolling Thunder via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out

Defcon 1 01:26
The Thermonuclear Warrior Laser warfare trace shadows across the sky Megaton warheads kill ratios rise Full scale air strike, erupts in blinding light Incoming missiles a downpour of hail Rupture the balance a new world unveiled Blackout the sun, the meltdown has begun And I ride the storm On the shockwaves of war For I am the law The thermonuclear warrior Systems are downed as atoms explode Reverse polarity stress overload Global tremors felt, Polar Regions melt Heat gets higher but I’ll never give in Selective reduction eradicate the unfit Extinction I will survive, then take what is mine And I ride the storm On the shockwaves of war For I am the law The thermonuclear warrior Axis cracked down we go Plunge into darkness thirty below Civilization no more What we’ve waited for And I ride the storm On the shockwaves of war For I am the law The thermonuclear warrior
Rolling Thunder Fistful of thunderbolts Punch a hole thru the heavens Gateway to Mars Parallel war dimension It calls me to another plane Make my escape As steed break from the reins And across the great divide I hold the key The unseen forces I command their release The waves are battering And you’re going under Then in the night you’ll hear my call Like Rolling Thunder Rock the Richter Right off the scales Shatter the barriers Sonically assail Beyond the pinnacle Thru the storm I reach Into the unknown White metal heat And across the great divide Yes I hold the key The unseen forces I command their release And now you’re reckoning You’re taken under Then in the night You’ll hear my roar Like Rolling Thunder Fist full of Thunderbolt Rolls thru the heavens Gateway to Mars War dimension It calls me to another plane Strength of the gods burst into flames And across the great divide Forever hold the key And universal destruction I command its release For I am the driving force To blow this world asunder And then you’ll realize I’m Rolling Thunder
School's Out 03:26
School’s Out Well we got no choice All the girls and boys Makin' all that noise 'Cause they found new toys Well we can't salute ya can't find a flag If that don't suit ya that's a drag School's out for summer School's out forever School's been blown to pieces No more pencils no more books No more teacher's dirty looks yeah Well we got no class And we got no principals And we got no innocence We can't even think of a word that rhymes School's out for summer School's out forever My school's been blown to pieces No more pencils no more books No more teachers’ dirty looks Out for summer Out till fall We might not come back at all School's out forever School's out for summer School's out with fever School's out completely
Wild 02:58
Wild See the angels burning their wings Shed their heavenly ways Sick of living pure and pristine Like slaves in gilded chains With all these feelings locked up inside Pent up frustration and rage Gotta’ unleash the fury in me And rip out of this cage We’re goin’ wild We’re goin’ wild See the demons slaughter their kings Race across cinereal skies Into the sun, and endless black arc On a pale horse, they ride Bringing the wrath of destruction On the warpath to heaven we fly Then in our wake we storm the gates And alter the course of all time We’re goin’ wild x6
Tryst 04:42
Tryst Remember us we pray For the flesh I crave To the pleasures of carnal lust We’re slaves Drawn to the flame Like animals in pain In the viper’s pit A bed of sin we lay The flames arise In the heat and sweat Fall the pillars of life Takin’ all we can get Degradation, fornication Bodies strewn across the floor And drive my thorns deeper Into the bloody whore
March of Kings Out of the north, blackened sky Seven trumpets call For repentance signaling Plagues and destruction at dawn Two hundred million horsemen Attack from beyond Descend upon those who worship Demons and false gods A vision of war is seen And shatters the promised dream Storm arises, eclipse the sun The march of Kings has begun From the earth hell emerge Incite the world unto war On the plain of Armageddon The armies battle on and on And the bride is married From the pit the enslaved scream As birds of prey rip at their flesh At the wedding feast The coming of Christ we pray To end this misery and pain The angels, ascend, rejoicing And enter the kingdom of kings
Chains around Heaven She’s my every fantasy Like she walked right out of a dream A gift from above it seemed In her pumps and her dress cut high Oh I could melt between her thighs But these chains are keeping me from paradise Cause there’s chains Chains around heaven And I can’t wait until I get in Cause there’s chains Chains around heaven And I can’t wait until I get in She’s all I ever need I’d like to make her my queen If only she’d let me in between But she put my love in shock Got me cumin me on the rocks And heaven is just out of reach Cause there’s chains Chains around heaven And I can’t wait until I get in
Turn Up the Power Like a hurricane chargin’ out of the gate The night is here and I just can’t wait ‘Cause I need the bright lights The screamin’ maniacs Then like the tiger I’ll attack ‘Cause I want it louder Till it cracks the walls Conquer as empires fall When we … Turn Up the power Turn Up the power Armed to the teeth Into the war zone Tonight no one’s going home Direct aggression against the public On the masses we prey Turn up and melt the airwaves ‘Cause I push it harder Run you to the ground We’ll tear this coliseum down ‘Cause I want it louder Till it cracks the walls Conquer as empires fall When we … Turn Up the Power Turn Up the Power I gotta hear it louder When we turn up the power Overdrive the system The blood pumpin’ fast Cardiac, don’t think you’re gonna last Deliver the final blow Thrust to the head Keep on shootin’, till the last one’s dead ‘Cause I run it faster Than the speed of sound You build ‘em up we’ll tear ‘em down ‘Cause I want it louder Till your ears bleed It’s all I want, it’s all I need When we… Turn Up the Power Turn Up the Power I gotta hear it Louder When we turn up the power
Urban Commandos Under fire on the streets Disburse stay out Confirm orders are received Rank and file, strike and kill Discipline, minds of iron will Urban, Urban Commandos We are Urban, Urban Commandos Parachute drop from the skies Quell the disturbance Under cover of night Future weaponry Strategic resource No obstacle Can stop the awesome force Urban, Urban Commandos We are Urban, Urban Commandos On the wind, reaper reaps Soldiers of war, the chosen elite Urban, Urban Commandos We are Urban, Urban Commandos Commandos
Lucifer’s Hammer (words and music by J.DeLeon) Over the horizon in the recess of space The odyssey unfolds Solar systems converge Vortex created Supernova explodes Sphere of destruction Sent through the heavens The forces of nature Will take their course In quatrains foretold centuries ago For the gods will have no remorse High speed tracking systems watch the sky Computers record the events Light years away Something’s out there The omen witnessed overhead Magnitude and velocity Beyond what mortal minds can conceive The final warning issued at last The rage of angels unleashed Beneath the sea earthquakes crack The floor, the oceans begin to stir I’ll race with the devil But there’ll be no escape from Lucifer’s hammer (Annihilation we face) Calculation it’s headed towards Earth The extinction of man and beast Burning thru the universe Annihilation will be complete The end of all ends herald the times There’ll be no curtain call The sky is falling As the blind lead the blind Into our ultimate downfall State of the future is at stake No defense will alter our course Grand slammed into oblivion Mankind will suffer the loss And in the finals days the masses pray Led by the pope on the T.V. screen The eulogy is read the grand finale Sirens scream the two minute warning I’ve raced with the devil And I’ve won the battle but time Has run out, the sky rips open wide And down comes the hammer Lucifer’s hammer GUITARIST CODENAME: John DeLeon FILE NAME: John. DeLeon Primary Specialty: Guitar player Secondary Specialty: Songwriter Birthplace: Unknown
Interceptor 05:37
Interceptor Man and machine A warhead on wheels Technologically supreme Unleashed Into the battle field Astride his sonic steed He breaks into the dawn In the wake of annihilation The post nuclear war zone Mirrored eyes, computerized Scan the ravaged plains Fury of a thousand horses The burning inner rage Obliterate, incinerate Those who’ve survived And claim his domain The highways he rides Descending from the clouds Machine guns open fire On all that appears On the thermograph monitor Countdown ignition Rockets launch into the night Cannon blast bring attack Glimpse utopian light Every motion synchronized Arrogating the onslaught As the war machine strikes Interceptor on board Down the pearly gates Pulverize the walls Take the fuel and precious jewels Around which life revolves Pirates cross the horizon Roadblock the way Victims staked Bound in chain Wrapped in wire lace Sudden death approach The red line gladiators Fight for supremacy On the highway tonight Metal wasteland Oceans of blood Survival of the Dogs There’ll be only one Crusade of destruction Across the face Exterminate what’s left Of this mutant race Raise the hands of victory The crowning king Christened in blood The moment of glory The hunger, still rabid He waits down the line Silo open, missile revealed The thermonuclear spike INTERCEPTOR!


ATTILA formed in New York in late 1983 by guitarist John DeLeon. The band would go through several personnel changes before forming the perfect power trio with drummer A.T Soldier and bassist/vocalist Vincent Paul Manfredi in the ranks by the summer of ’84.

The threesome would record and issue several demos throughout the following year. Their quick and widely spreading demos combined with extensive gigs and international press exposure gained the band a strong underground following. This would lead to ATTILA’s appearance on the New Renaissance Records 1985 compilation album ‘Speed Metal Hell’ and Mausoleum Records ‘Metal Over America’ that same year.

By this time interest was being expressed by several independent record labels. It was an energized performance by ATTILA in a battle of the bands' competition that clinched them a deal with the newly formed Shattered Records.

In 1986 ATTILA’s only full-length ‘Rolling Thunder’, produced by Carl Canedy (The Rods) was released. A 9-song, including a cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out’, a solid slab of grade A U.S. heavy metal that would go on to sell over 10,000 copies worldwide.

Mysteriously ATTILA would disappear and be lost in the ruins of the next decade to come. But with the dawning of the internet age and the quickly growing collector’s scene digging up long lost heavy metal gems ATTILA would be re-discovered and once again in demand.


released July 13, 2018

John DeLeon Guitars
Vincent Paul Vocals, Bass
A.T. Soldier Drums

Additional keyboards on ‘March of Kings’ by Vincent Cinquemani

All songs written by J. De León except "Tryst" by De León/Paul, "Urban Commandos" by De León/Bachi and "School's Out" by Cooper, Dunaway, Smith, Buxton, Bruce

Originally produced for Rock Candy Productions
Recorded at Pyramid Sound Studios, Ithaca, New York
Producers Carl Canedy and Alex Perialas at Pyramid Studio
Mastered Jack Adelman at RCA Studios.
Engineered by Alex Perialas
Assistant engineer Peter Bombar
Cover art by Rick Duburke
Cover concept by Anthony Tedeschi
Rich Pagano Logo
Mick Rock Photography

2018 re-issue executive producers J. Golden & G. Shafer
2018 re-mastering by Jamie King at The Basement Studios NC in Winston Salem, NC
Art direction and design by Chris Ferguson
Additional assisting credits to Vincent Paul and Manos Koufakis


all rights reserved



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