Recuperate from Reality


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DEMENTIA was formed in Wisconsin in the late 1980s by guitarist Brian Ericson, vocalist Mike Walz, and drummer Skylar Kennedy.
In 1988 the band would issue their limited self-release “Cursed from the First”. In 1990 the band would relocate to Chicago where they would begin to establish themselves and start putting together their second album ‘Recuperate from Reality’ that would be released on Tombstone Records (a division of Sony) in 1991.
Now that underground technical thrash metal classic has been re-mastered re-issued

• Re-mastered
• Includes bonus tracks
• 12-page booklet
• Never before seen photos
• Complete lyrics
• Band history essay
• Limited to 500 copies


released May 5, 2017

Produced by Eric “Griffy” Greif for Edge Entertainment INC.
All songs written and arranged by DEMENTIA
Executive producers Tom Dohert, Dave Oberle, and Mark Gray
Originally recorded and mixed by Eric Greif and Patrick James Cunningham
at Wave Digital Studios, Gurnee, Illinois
Additional engineering by Alan Pangelinan
Original mastering by Denis Blackham
at Porky’s Mastering in London, England
Cover artwork by Lee Miller
Executive producers 2017 J. Golden and G. Shafer
Re-mastered by Jamie King
At The Basement Studio NC in Winston Salem, NC
Layout design by Chris Ferguson



all rights reserved
Track Name: State of Dementia
State of Dementia

I can’t seem to find my way home
Help me I’m not sure who I am
My memory is lost and I don’t know who to trust
Excuse me
Have you seen me before?
Feel paranoid
But I don’t know of whom
If you were me, tell me what would you do?
When I think back everything is black
And I remember when I woke up that day
Reflections remembrance
Distorted and subdued,
Who’s in the mirror?
Let me through…
My mind slips and my sanity escapes
Run through the night
Searching for my past
Wake up, cold sweat
My eyes burn from the light
Try to recall but it’s a constant fight
My ears are ringin’ a hypnotic drone
Got this feeling I’m never coming home

Wandering, confused,
I walked in this padded room
With marbles all over the floor
I asked this guy if he knew where I was
He looked at me and said.

“Welcome to our state
You’re never leaving….that right
Here’s your jacket!”
Track Name: Sight Unseen
Sight Unseen

Destruction reigns over future life,
Morals so distorted inhumane
Constant death
A dying shame
Preaching the truth
But you’re living a lie
No, fading visions before my eyes
I hear the desperate cries
No, this sight unseen is real not a dream
Blackness cannot avoid

Life’s lost memory
This sight unseen

Vision blurred through deception and hate
Hypocrites can’t make up their absent minds
Sacrificing all for false pride
They tell me I’m next, next victim to die
No, the black cold grows over me
I scream from below, “set me free!”
No, this sight unseen is real, not a dream
Blackness a void-life, a memory

Sight unseen to me
Sight you’ve never seen
Sight unseen to me
This sight unseen

As the death tolls that funeral dirge
The end of the beginning has begun
Annihilation of the world we once knew
A bloodshed tear for what was mankind

No, it’s like involuntary suicide
We all must die
No, this sight unseen is real, not a dream
Blackness a void-life, a memory

Sight unseen to me
Sight I didn’t want to see
Sight unseen to me,
May we all rest, IN PIECES!!!
Track Name: Terminal Ecstasy
Terminal Ecstasy

Prisoner of the world you created
Lost the key, you never cared
Should’ve known you were diggin’ your own grave

No future - death is near
Terminal problem
Can’t find the fix
Sight is Hallucination
As life turns black
Somehow you survive the night
Feel the tension, losing your mind
You strike the match
Now you’ve lost control

Too young to die, you gotta try
Too young to die, you know you got to try

You got the chance now
Don’t just throw it away
You’ll regret it someday

Now as the clock strikes midnight
You trip on your brain
Don’t let depression bring you down
Rise above now, fin the key
You’ve got too much to gain
Track Name: Funeral March
Funeral March

Start today like any other
Wake up hoping for the night
Love and pain, inside the circles
A burnin’ lost heaven, lost delight

The ground is sucked inside
Smoothing souls feeding the darkness
Refuge upstairs is denied
And now I can see that they’re there
The darkness welcomes the light

Now the dead rise and come together
Bleeding souls dry
And the darkness hearing what they said
Slowly makes you rot inside your head

Now the day has come
Dread is mingled with fear
Destiny is crushed by the evil
Taking over
Track Name: Face to Fate
Face to Fate

I’m sick as hell sittin’ this chair
Tension surrounds me
I’m pulling out my hair
I plead insanity
Feel I’m losing grip
Close to the edge
I hope I don’t slip

I’m losing control
Time to face my fate
Face to Fate

Temptations’ gonna lead me to hell
And my headstone will mark where I fell
Dying in sin means living in vain
I should have known I was never sane

Sorry it’s too late
Time to face my fate
Face to Fate

My body lays still starts to decay
My soul arises immortal to stay
Now I am free
It’s time for revenge
But my conscience is taking control

Now I understand
I want one more chance
But I’m stuck in this horrible hell
My life’s a disgrace I’m forced in face
Forever trapped in my soul

Time to take control
Time to face my fate
Face to Fate
Track Name: Insane

Laughing aloud in my padded room
Left alone, my arms are tied
My eyes are open wide
I’m living in a strange world
Here nothing seems the same
Reality is just a word
Don’t even know my name

We are forced to rest here
And we will see infinity
Locked up here against our will
Because they know I want to kill
I am Insane

They give me medication
Those horrid fuckin pills
They say they’ll make me better soon
Stop my urge to kill
My mind is filled with darkness
My thoughts all turn to pain
My body wanders aimlessly
My patience starts to drain

White turns to red
As I close my eyes
Hope turns to dread
As I pull my knife
And know it seems
Chains are broken
And it’s time to be free

I need a helpless victim
Death is in my eyes
I want their flowing blood
I need their pleading cries
My blade has no mercy
Drugs fading from my brain
I will not stop this slaughter
I’m violently insane
Track Name: Born to Die
Born to Die

Deep within your soul
You feel its time
Time to open up your eyes
And see the truth
The lies, do you realize

I am the first – I am the last
I have authority over death and chaos
I am the future – I am the past
See all your life’s blood spilling so fast

And now within your heart
You know the day has come
To walk the earth again
And see the killed, the maimed
The already slain

Now the power of earth surrounds me
The power of life it overwhelms me
Searching for vengeance
All that I see
Time to fulfill the final dead

You are born to die
You are born to die
You are born to die
You are born to die
Track Name: Feel the Fire
Feel the Fire

Every night I surrender hopelessly
Your power blinds me
And I can hardly see

You change my life
And you altered my dreams
And when I trust you
You’re stealin’ my brain
You call me a friend
But you’re stabbin’ my back
Deny you know my name
You burned me before
But never again
It’s time you feel the flame

Feel the fire, flames burn on
And the pain is so strong
And you’re beggin’ for mercy
But this time you’re gonna burn

Your bitchin’ and moaning
Expect all attention
Getting worse everyday
The flames getting hot
Jump or I’ll push you
Into the eternal flames
Feel the fire, flames burn on
And the pain is so strong
Track Name: Say Your Prayers
Say Your Prayers

Guilty as sin
But you kill feelin’ no regret
You feel you’ve done no wrong
We fight to save the world we’ve been given
You lacerate the land

This must stop now
it’s time to say your prayer

Someday you’ll wish you had thought of the future
When you’re gasping for air
All your mistakes will cause us to suffer
And for you to explain

We’ll hunt you down and make you pay
No remorse for you
Say your prayers
Kneel down and
Say your prayers
Nobody really cares

So when you go to bed tonight
Think about it, think about your life
As you pray to save your head
You know and I know that you’re dead

Run for your life as your fortress crumbles
And the finger points to you
Killing blindly
Thought we’d never find you
It’s time to wake up!

Wasting the earth
Ignored all regrets
We’re gonna make you pay
Us against you
You were standing in line
No remorse for you
Say your Prayers!
Track Name: Blood Loss
Blood Loss

Give up, you can’t hold me back
The point of no return
Sacrifice, devotion of life
I felt the fires burn
Dark turns to light
Time rules my life
Ignorance takes its toll
Fear getting old
Left in the cold
With only yourself to blame

Intensity, is freeing me
Rising from within
I ignore blood sweat and tears
Because I know I’ll win
Damn thee who escape the fire
Realize they’re coming after you
And it’s time for blood loss, causing sin
Desperate feelings, won’t give in
Time for blood loss I won’t turn away

The river flows, now I know
With each step there’s pain
Anxiety is stressing me
Each day a new cross to bear
Doing time, your life sentence
You passed it down on yourself
Give and take, for Christ sake
I can’t lose anymore, blood loss
Flying free, now one’s stopping me
I’ll continue the sequence, ‘til the end of life…

You have seen the blood on the wall
And paid for all your sins
The time has come let me in
And let this horror end
Damn thee who escape the fire
I’m hell let go of my life…in hell
Drown in your pity or survive
Just look into the face of fear
Look, into his eyes, his eyes…
Track Name: Inner Thoughts (Misery)
Inner Thoughts

Isolation, trapped inside
Left the world far behind
Distant voices calling, evil reaps!
Darkness dominates the skies
Shadows reappear
Destruction just final way
We wonder why we fear
Man’s free will
Will free all man and end society
It’s your life stand up and fight
Or death will serve you right
It serves you right!

Watch the sky burning red
Following your fate
Time erodes, seems to control
Shackled with victims of change
Wrapped up in the confusion
Strangled by anticipation
Hopelessly trying to change
Day by day, by day by day

Not to reveal, inner thoughts
Tried to conceal, but now you’re caught
I stand today in the misery
I stand today in the pain you’ll see
Life’s agony leaves us, in pain
Yes we all know you’ll pay
Paying for your sins, oh the penance you’ll serve
Life seemed so simple but now you are scared
That you won’t escape, and no one will care
You’ll be stuck in this hell it took a lifetime to create

Wake up don’t get dragged down
Don’t fall into the pit
Freedom is a sacred right
The change will let you win
Death kills the silence as smoke fills the air
Evil has arrived… hey this is your life
Serves you right, stand up and fight
This is your life…