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Prey for the Future


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Dark Design 05:05
Dark Design   Conductor of this dark symphony Never at the podium, always in the wings Brain-thoughts Broadcast Radio Lord Computer God Disassociation, break tradition Point-of-view division Promises of paradise, city on the hill Sugar-coated media, easier to swill Pharmacy, dispensary, new dependency Duped and doped we waste our time Ostrich-vision, might as well be... blind (Chorus) PATTERNS Conceived in madness, to subdue mankind THRALL Domination, bred in the blackest mind WE HAVE FALLEN WE HAVE FALLEN, PREY Prey to the dark design Force fed lies, to control your lives Silently on through the years, Moving so slowly Apathy, Ignorance Hand in hand in deed Wake up from your reverie Make the best of time Live your life for good & truth Nevermind the others' dark design (Repeat chorus)
No Death 05:09
No Death It's a waste of life wishing death Obliviating is regret Rainbird retrogressoring Idle hands, endlessly wring Lash the wheel Captain Destiny This damned ship keeps on sailing Nostalgia for infinity The abyss looks longingly in me   I'm only free from thinking when I am asleep The things I drink, the drugs I do The only way to keep my thoughts from you An oasis in Hell I try to find A troubled cure for my troubled mind   Sleep inside the bed you made Waste away in what, if?-time Enemy behind the lines in your mind   Turning inward question The pool reflecting I'm not afraid to kill you Because there is no death  
Abiding Contempt   Easy pointing your finger this-way-that Yet three back at you Make no move to change How it seems so strange That things stay the same   Mob mentality rules your destiny No identity Say you're free to speak Think of what you know Parrot puppeting   Got a lot to say Not much you do You just sit & wait 'til each day is through   SKIN STARTS TO BOIL BONES FILLED WITH SPURS BLOOD TURNS TO POISON VISION IS BLURRED TRAPPED IN A SPIRAL CHOOSE NOT TO FIX ONE-IN-A-BILLION EXTINCTION 6   Foolish pride, it is your downfall Green makes right, greedy not growing Wait for your T.V. night The future don't look bright Biding your time Contempt of creation Dying inside, along for the ride Abiding contempt   Disenfranchised Hide behind glazed eyes Compartmentalized Rat you do amaze Think you're free en-caged You should be enraged I don't like you Like I don't like myself ... Welcome to my hell
Welcome To Your "DOOM!"   Oh my doom-damned friend, What goes on in your head? Need to be, need to lie Just living legend in your own mind   Walk a lonely path, Through the land of the blind. Render naught the sheep pens Built in your life   Every day you complicate Feed a need you can never sate Make rules, intend to break Play the ladder and the snake   You can't unlearn what you have learned Dare not deserve what you have earned The walls inside of your head-room Written in blood Welcome to your "DOOM!"   Treating your friends like they are pawns They know you cannot see The shit stains on your face and breath From all the lies you breathe   Project your own mythology False witness to your history Too many strings, too many leads Life's what you make it be   Oh my doom-damned friend, what goes on in your head? Need to be, need to lie Just living legend in your own mind   Who do you think you are? No one knows what you believe Where do you think you're going? Why the need to deceive?
Dragonmount 06:37
Dragonmount   The veil is now lifting, I see through my madness Looking around, at the horror I caused The taint of the power sickens and warps me Stumble in rubble What have i done? Shimmering air, my tormentor Betrayer Of Hope Fire-eyed friend of the dark Opens my eyes, to the slaughter around me Blinded by madness Destroyed my blood Illyena! Oh, my love! Won't you forgive me What have I done? Light cannot save me now you are gone ... And it came to pass In the cycle of ages The wheel and the pattern TURNS AGAIN Leading the light, fighting The Dark One Paying the price, sealing him outside of time Having the last laugh, spoiled our power Madness of magic Breaking the world The rising Dragonmount A sword up from the ground All of my power spent Suicidal monument Let he be born of the mountain According to prophecies As he was in ages passed And ages yet to be Draw on the true source Grasping the One Power Air into fire, fire to light liquefied Bolt from the heavens Searing! Blinding! Stone turns to vapor I BECOME MOUNTAIN
Meditations 04:34
Meditations   In actuality, there is no magic Naught to believe Just need some victory Thirsting to control, long to be free   Do not lament your lot in life It's been this way since the dawn of time Man is an island, not a God These meditations think upon   (Chorus) Deal with each day, escape to the void Dream up a world you create or destroy Romantic warrior, hero in dreams Heir to the throne of the temple of kings   Fighting the boredom you quest inside Outside reality in your mind   Their negativity, trying to crush your identity Bleeding the colors from the skies Kneeling down disciple of lies Don't let the bastards get you down Illegitimi non carborundum Spending your time in thoughts so deep Just waiting to die Living to sleep (Repeat Chorus)  
Spice World 07:44
Spice World   Machine of death, disease called man World demise, a time at hand The choking air, oppressive sun What is this we have done?   Blood for oil Slakes the sand House to house Hell of the damned Warring tribes On both sides Sticks & stones & land mines Ancient place Violate Holy sites Burn by night   Drawn out fight Which might makes right? Endless war since dawn of time Aggression brought Aggression met The ghostly wails from Minarets   The promised land But promised to who? Buried by time & dust An aeon of tombs Scars on the people Scars on the land Collective history Cradle of man   There is no peace for Middle East Ancient hatreds are never released Praise be to Allah! Praise be to God! Hail to the fire Die by the sword   A crescent moon, scimitar Stars & Stripes, a B.A.R. The weapons change The reasons don't We pray for peace But hope we won't   LIFE IS DEATH Understand Power of gods In thy hands Bloodstained lands Tear stained lives Cannot cope Or empathize   Last crusade Sharp my blade Eye for eye No end in sight


released September 10, 2013


Andy Berntrand - Vocals
Ray Lewi - Guitar
Mike Joyner - Guitar
Matt Mercer - Bass
Robbie Mercer  - Drums
All Dark Design lyrics by A. Bertrand
Song "Dark Design" by A. Bertrand & R. Lewis
"Dust In The Wind" by Kerry Livgren
Produced by John E Wooten IV and Dark Design
Engineered & mixed by John E Wooten IV
Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios

 Cover art and concept by Mark Cooper Mindrape Art
Layout Design by Chris Fergusen


all rights reserved



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