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released February 24, 2017

Michael Meyers – Guitars/Vocals
Mark-O Bennet -Drums/backing vocals
Brian Dee – Bass Guitars/backing vocals

All songs written and arranged by M. Myers
"Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress) written by A. Clarke, R. Cook, and R, Greenaway

Executive Producer 2017 Jeremy Golden and Gary Shafer
Produced by M. Myers and Guy Bartollacci
Engineered by G. Bartollacci
Assistant engineer Bob Goulin
Remastered by Jamie King The Basement Studio NC, Winston Salem, NC
Recorded at Interface Recording, Bath, PA.
Cover art by Troy D. Schuler
Liners written by J. Golden
Layout and design by Chris Ferguson
Photography by Dan Hall

Bass tracks recorded by Kjell Benner
Additional vocals provided by Leigh Bleam, Tom Kiefer, and Screaming Mimi



all rights reserved
Track Name: Love Burns

Do you want it?
Is it what you crave?
Could you please me?
Would you be my slave?
No broken promises or empty lines
Just satisfaction with your family ties
You have me if you want me
If you can please me anyway you shake me
Play with fire, look into my eyes
Drowning in lust, body paralyzed

Love burns
Come on make it feel better
Give me a little taste of your heaven
Love burns
Give it to me anyway you please
Just make sure it’s the third degree

You’ve got some assets that look mighty fine
We could share them with some cheap red wine
Show me your pleasures and desires
Make it hot so we can start some fires
Show me the limit, show me the lust
Put it in and out if you must
I need some fire, I need some action
Help me to redefine satisfaction

(Repeat Chorus)

Keep it hot, motors running
Keep it going and keep me coming
Let me feel your lust from inside
Lust insatiable, not satisfied
Track Name: Four on the Floor

She was hungry and lean
A fast machine
Hunger written on her face
She was fast and sleek
In the driver’s seat
Riled and ready to race
I could feel her sweet so wet
She flashed a killing smile
The hot rails to hell
Laying rubber for miles

Four on the floor
Foot on the floor
I drove with skill
She rode with style
Four on the floor
Begging for more
I drove her hard
She drove me wild

She was running hot
Pushing the red line
Too hot and ready to blow
Back to front
Dog eat dog style
We raced about a hundred miles
We drove fast
We drove hard
We drove all night long
Coming fast, she tried to last
Approaching the danger zone

(Repeat Chorus)

Move closer so slowly
Slide into place
We’re ready to lay it down
Here is where the talking ends
I could taste the salt of her sweat so wet
She reaches down and grabs the rod
Tensions throb
We’re off and running down her legs

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Can We Try

You always said
When the going gets tough
The tough gets going
Don’t give in
Show your stuff
But now it’s comedown to you and I
Make or break, do we fold
Do we play, do we turn the page
Read the ending and cry?

Can we try?
Try to change our mistakes
Right the wrongs we both made
Can we try?
Up your sleeves there’s one more ace
Can we try?

I always said hit hard
Die young, live fast
You would just smile
Shake your head and laugh
In a world where nothing comes easy
When you’ve found what you want
Do you trade it for fun?
Do you live on the run
Or grow up a little for love?

(Repeat Chorus)

I said I’d be strong
Take the world
Needed no one
Needed no girl
But now I will say
What good is the world
Without you to share
Want you there keeping score

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Shout It Out

You gotta be home on time
The hands on the clock dictate your life
I say you gotta unwind
Wake ‘em up, shake ‘em up
Have a good time
Let it out with a scream
Let the world know what you mean
There is someone inside that is more than a clone, more than a mime

Shout it out, cry out
Break your chains, untie the knot
Shout it out, cry out
There’s more to life than what you’ve got
Shout it out, cry out
Find your key
Unlock the doors
Shout it out, cry out
Do you know what you’re looking for?

Too old to have a good time
Living life paralyzed
No goals, no freedom, just compromise
Ideal life nine to five
You say what can I do
Washed up people making the rules
You’ve only got one chance
Sit on your seat or get up and dance

(Repeat Chorus)

Everybody’s searching for something
Someone, some way
The key to the mystery
You’ve got to believe
You know life can be sweet
Pacified or incomplete
Kick down your mental walls
Hit ‘em hard, take the world by the balls
Track Name: Grindstone

The fires are burning
The evil is churning
Down here in hell

I’m not your saviour
I’m not your mother
I came to kill
A wink of an eye, broken spine
A twist of my knife, off with your life
Welcome to your orientation to Hell

You’re going down to the grindstone
Down, down, down to the grindstone

My racks are tasty
My maidens nasty
Slaves scream in pain
Guillotine is so nice
You can see yourself in the blade
Tormented souls don’t rest in peace
But lay in body bags
You take your last breath as you burn

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: DESTROER - M.R.O.N
(You figure it out)