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Love My Ride 327 high compression Cherry red machine American made She handles like a dream Positive traction, She’ll do 155 Man I gotta tell ya I really love my ride Made a few alterations Bored the cylinders another size I turn quarter for title Man I love my ride Let me introduce you to my psychic friend Who needs no crystal ball to tell us how its gonna end And they say there’s satisfaction in at least of having tried Man I gotta tell you now I really love my ride Just another Trans Am Don’t really make a damn I could save some time for us but you might like the taste of dust
Mirage 03:31
Mirage I walked ten miles of burning highway In the heat of your love There ain’t no shade I dont know why I let you drive You got no call to treat me this way Chorus Couldn’t take your eyes off of my hot rod My hearts at home in your garage Your love is just a mirage I got down, crawled on my hands and knees Begged the good Lord to give me peace I come face to face with a rattlesnake Told me things about you that I just couldn’t believe Chorus You were something a little too good to be true For a moment I got confused You oughta have to walk a mile in my shoes Your love is just a mirage (repeat)
You Gotta Pay You gotta pay to be born You gotta pay to die You gotta pay to get laid You gotta pay to get high You gotta pay You gotta pay attention You gott pay the piper You gotta pay respect to a big ass biker I want it, I want it I gotta have it, How does it feel? I want it, I want it Come on baby lets do the deal Well you gotta pay tribute You gotta pay your dues You gotta pay the price For the life you choose
Light Em' Up 03:47
Light ‘em up Well it ain’t no joke When your down and broke We’re poor folk Thought about making a little money on smoke I figure three or four times Crossing state lines Hey I gotta get mine or go down trying Chorus The law of the land is supply and demand Ignorance is no defense But it don’t make no sense People dying on alcohol While Gods green herb is against the law Light ‘em up, Fire in the streets You can’t catch them and you can’t catch me Bought a ticket online Plane left right on time Hooked up with a friend of mine Bought a pound of modern-day moonshine Put in a suitcase, put in a sack Mail it to myself I just gotta get it back Chorus So far under the radar I’m almost home again I need sixteen friends Then I’ll do it again ‘Cept I’ll make more Jack Cause I’ll bring more back I’ll bring on the plane, I’ll bring it in the car I’ll get it to you where ever you are Chorus
Cold Springs Hill With a bottle of old crow and a five dollar bill I went to see the woman on Cold Springs Hill Told her what I wanted, she went in the back And back out carrying a paper sack Spun around three times and put a poltice on my head Then I shoved that sack up under my bed Now every night when the sun goes down I’ll be rocking and rolling all over town Well I was going insane so I jumped on a train Everywhere I went they all knew my name So with roaring engine and grinding wheels I’m heading on back to Cold Spring Hill
Talking Me Down For your love, I would go to the gallows Lay my head down and make the sacrifice For your love I would live in the shadows Embrace the darkness and curse the light I am someone chanined on an island Armada passes by, no one hears my cry You’re not talking me down (Repeat) I am someone beyond recognition Perhaps a king who has lost his kingdom Let it be said that we were led by fools out here to the ledge All all trust is merely blood to dust Chorus Repeat 1st verse Chorus
Shadow Child 03:30
Shadow Child Thunder in your head Fire in your hand Getting something for nothing Anytime that you can Chorus Shadow child, born wild Your road goes on this way for miles You got a hard head and bad luck And something inside that won’t let you give up Had enough, burn it up Hard fast, love cash Nothings ever gonna last Call it what you want Nothing really matters to you Chorus Bridge A path between the stars An ally in the dark Chorus
Thousand Hail Mary’s I put my faith in the garbage can She went and got it out again I was down on my knees, before I was a man Made me say a thousand hail Mary’s And just one damn I got up with her at a bend in the river She was preaching to me the whole time that I did her Swore to God she was gonna tell her old man Made me say a thousand hail Mary’s And just one damn Bury me beneath the old oak tree And put a bible in my hands Tell the preacher to pray for 99 days Say a thousand hail Mary’s And just one damn Chorus
Son of A Ram 03:39
S.O.A.R. I find when I try to be kind In my mind, sometimes I’m off fighting fires I can’t remember what was said I’m trying to act interested Whole time I’m thinking cheaters and liars Chorus But I don’t give a ___ Hey look at me mom, no hands I am a hard hearted man I am the son of a ram Long time ago went down a bad road The sky grew dark and the wind grew cold and I brought back ghost from there I’m not proud of it Thats just the way it is Chorus x 2
Whisky and Angels I find walking the line I mess up all the time I think I gonna lose my mind I wonder why I keep on trying Situation on the left side Bad news on the right I think I’ll be okay If I can just make it home tonight Chorus Whisky and Angels Tell me it will be okay Won’t you please pour my pain away Whisky and Angels When things don’t go like they outghta There’s long legs and a bottle Wanna talk about trouble, I know something about that Ya gotta been around some to get to where I’m at Workin hard, keep my head down Lord I can’t wait to blow this town Chorus x 2
Homemade Satellite Built a fire, burned in the rain Held thirty pieces of silver in my hand Cried like a bitch when time came No hell for this renaissance man Chorus Homemade satellite, turns in the road Rusty hearts playing with ghost Came together dancing with the shadows Caught out in the pouring rain Angels opened their mouths And the truth fell out Never ever stopped the game Took the last drink, broke the bottle Told all the blues goodbye Sometimes the story don’t end like it outta True renaissance men don’t cry Chorus x 2
Times Coming All you Jezabelles and heathrens Let me tell you something There’s time coming Lying, cheating, treating people bad Times coming, ya wish ya hadn’t done that Times coming, cause it wants what it gives We all have to account for the lives that we live That's when all you heathens and jezebels find out who goes to heaven and who goes to hell


released July 19, 2019


all rights reserved



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