Long Way Home (re​-​mastered)


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Title track from the upcoming remastered reissue of 'Long Way Home' HHR047 scheduled for release in June


released May 10, 2017



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Track Name: Long Way Home (remastered)
Long Way Home
(H. Smalley)

I've been searchin' for love like this
About half my life
I've been lookin' for a woman
Who won't be cruel
Wanna make you my wife
I searched every corner of the nation
Wanna do it right
I gotta find a love
That will be true to you
You know its right, that's right


I've searched for you
In my dreams at night
Eyes so blue and lips so fine
Makes me want you all the time
Babe I'm gonna lose control
Ya, going out of my head
Let me whisper in your ear
It’s gonna be alright, that's right

(Repeat Chorus)

I've been searchin' for a love like this
about half my life
I'm going to follow
Won’t be cruel, gotta treat me right
I've searched every corner of the nation
gotta do it right
Eyes so blue, lips so fine
Makes me want you all night
That's right!

(Repeat Chorus)