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From Beyond the Vault Door


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metal29 Already had Cerebus debut album which smokes. No skipping tracks on that one due to searing vocals which always remind me of Rhett Forrester era RIOT. Always good to delve into more music from Cerebus and wonder how much more is still in the vaults to release.
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thorshammer69 Great selection of songs on this! NWOBHM style Heavy Metal never gets old🤘🤘
Henrik Thøgersen
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Henrik Thøgersen The “Too Late to Pray” album is one of the great lost gems of heavy metal, and this collection of shiny nuggets add further glory to the impressive Cerebus treasure trove. Precious! Favorite track: Out in the Streets.
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Long Time Coming Thought we could work this out But now I have my doubts You left me so alone And I waited at home As the daylight turns into a dark of night And you're not coming home tonight As I see you walk away Knowing you're gone to stay, It makes me cry at night I will not have it Im willing to fight (Chorus) It's been a long time coming You'll have a hard time runnin’ It's been a long time coming You'll have a hard time r Runnin’ away from me We were so much in love A Goddess sent from above You were my one last try And without you I'll die As the day slips away Thinkin about you again And it hurts so bad I can't take this pain You know I'll always love you We were one as two feelin so good I don't want to ever lose you (Repeat Chorus) American Dream
Gone Away 04:43
Gone Away What started as a passion romance Ended as quick as a glance Knowing it would never be the same Running away to escape the pain Your game is simple I lose you win Loser at love I gained a friend I'll live without you if I get through tonight Looking back now I know I'm right Tell all your friends what I did was wrong They don't care anyway You're only there by yourself To feel sorry for each day (Chorus) ‘Cause I'm gone Gone far away I won't be there today I'm Gone far away From you You say it's my fault for what happened to you It doesn't matter cause we're finished We’re through You can only blame your selfish pride Something your feelings just can't hide You hurt me so bad day after day Now it's your turn and I'm making you pay You've got what you want that's for sure You got the best of me and now you want more
She Burns 04:37
She Burns Mystic and mysterious She comes to you in the night Forged with an image of a candle burning bright With a long satin gown and eyes of fire Get you in her sight She'll take you higher and higher The instant that you hear her laugh You’ll have no choice You can’t escape her spell You’ve gotta get out you can’t go She Burns…she burns Now she's got you in her power Your final hour is here No time to waste Your mind is full of fear This will be your final end To a never ending curse You know it's just beginning Prepare yourself for the worst You are her victim but only for tonight Your soul begins to glow Into the darkness of the night She Burns…she burns
Out In The Streets Since you left me in the pouring rain I been trying to figure out your game Twenty-three with a wayward heart Now you've gone ripped my mind apart Remember the nights when I held you so close You use to whisper please don't go How could I know that I was a fool You left me you were so cruel (Chorus) Out in the streets Lonely in the city Out in the streets Looking for love Out in the streets Lonely in the city I'm out in the streets Looking for you I’ve been walking the streets at night Worried and wandering Can't keep you out of sight Too much time I know our love is over But I can't help looking over my shoulder I don't want your sympathy Just bring your love back to me It's not fair I want you so much I need to feel your caring touch (Repeat Chorus)
Never Look Back I know what I want out of life It's time to stop guessing and taking advice I’m tired of everyone telling me what to do Now it's time for the dream to come true Years gone by with nothing to show, Super faded memories you can only joke About mistakes you've made up to now.. They don't understand me at all They are the ones at fault Talk of the past is nothing new They think I am not right But I won't lose the fight No they'll never stop the music tonight Never look back Can't turn back now Stand tall and proud Got to keep going Never look back Can't turn back now Stay out of my way ‘Cause I will triumph Stared at by everyone Talk is cheap But it sure hurts the mind When you feel so sad deep down inside It's hard to keep hold of your pride Why are the people so quick to condemn A social outcast, not too many friends Just the boys in the band and the girl you love They don't understand me at all They are the ones at fault Talk of the past is nothing new They think I am not right But I won't lose the fight No they'll never stop the music tonight (Repeat Chorus)
Dyin' Inside 04:17
Dyin’ Inside I don't know how long I can' keep going You know that I feel like I've been ruined But it's all the same to you anyway Girl I've got to go I've got to leave today Ooh girl why do you hurt me so It’s been such a long long time since I felt your love Now I need it more than ever I I've got to go, sooner the better (Chorus) ‘Cause I'm dying inside You said you love me How could I be such a fool such a fool Now you beg me to stay Drowning deeper in your pool Forever you said just believe in me Never need any other girl But you'll never be free Got to turn and walk away Feelings deep with you And the price I'll pay (Repeat Chorus) Forever you said just believe in me I got to turn and walk away from feelings deep with you And the price I'll pay (Repeat Chorus)
In the End 05:13
In The End: Here I am again sitting alone Lately that's a way that I like it Enjoying myself My life without my friends Just me and these four lonely walls No one understands me Not even the woman I love She says I'm crazy And I cannot disagree Irrational behavior But not suicidal Tell me how I can get along in this world (Chorus) I'm on the outside begging to come in Life seems so happy on the inside I'm on the outside watching and waiting Distorted images are coming into view Took me to the doctors stuck needles in my brain Can’t find nothing wrong He seemed so very sane Final thread is breaking In need of dire relief Just listen to me This is my only plea (Repeat Chorus) Writing down words that never seemed to rhyme Retrograding ‘til there is no end I look at this foreboding All I wait for in the end I look to the sky to see my only friend I was on the outside begging to go in Life seem so happy on the inside I was on the outside watching and waiting Now distorted images are very clear In the end...
Reflections 03:19
Reflections I wish I could go back To the days when I was young But there's no use escaping in the past Those days or so special Didn't want them to end Life seemed so much easier back then Now those days are always on my mind There Is something missing from my life I can remember, no worries at all Reflections of those days And those times I recall I started a dream Its still with me today I know it will never leave my mind If there is one thing I remember From those fulfilling days My dreams cannot be taken away I don't want to be just like anyone else Got to make a future for myself I may take too many chances Never count the cost Reflections of those days And times I recall You say I'll waste my life away Discard me as absurd Tell me who gave you the right to judge You can't figure out your own life But you're an expert with mine You make your accusations so precise An unfounding reason Still runnin’ thru my brain I know that I'm going insane If that's what it takes to cope in this world And you know we're living in a world of shame Now those days are always on my mind There is something missing from my life I remember no worries at all Reflections of those days And times I recall
Change For The Worse Look at yourself Look at what you've become You burned all your bridges Now you can't go back home You're in a sad, sad state of mind You're old and helpless No one cares anymore And you think that it's all right But you're losing the fight Go back to the streets Where they gave you your name Losing and knowing that you're living in shame Dropped out of school with a bright tomorrow Living in sin Your life is full of sorrow And you think that it's all right Cry alone in the night A teenage queen with nothing but hopes and dreams They take advantage of your naivety And now you're too busy with the narrow do wells of the street You better fend for yourself And now you turn to a life of crime Why don't you open up your mind You losing you looks and you can't get much higher Don't you know that you're playing with fire And you think that's all right Better watch the thinning of the ice A teenage Queen with nothing but hopes and dreams They took advantage of your naivety Now you're too busy with a narrow do Wells of the street You better pray for yourself You're taking a change for the worse
No Secrets 06:37
No Secret Girl you knew all the angles You had all the curves My emotions ran away with you Fire this time will burn you up inside Though I bit off more than I can chew She was young and tragic But part of her magic was the way she made me fantasize The night was alive She was looking so right It was sure to be one hell of a night It's no secret that you played your game thrilled my heart Took a chance and then I lost again torn apart (Chorus) It's no secret your love ran out It's no secret your love ran out Took the love that was mine You really did it this time No secret anymore I'm going out of my head I want you back in my bed Is no secret anymore No secret anymore She had a knack for satisfying There was no denying the damage she would do to my heart She had the power to strike any hour An actress that really knew her part She gave me that and this and sealed it with a kiss Her silver tongue tenderness Late in the night She was moving so right Brought me up and I couldn't forget (Repeat bridge & chorus) And if I had to do it all again I would have Ignored all of her charms But I was sure to know didn't happen that way She ran away with the key to my heart The key to my heart (Repeat bridge & chorus)
We Stand Alone: When you’re still in doubt Want to scream and shout Standing alone in the crowd They laugh and snicker Complain and bicker But they never say it out loud Don’t put up with them They’re not true friends Stab your back then walk away Fuel your vengeance Deceit is endless It’s sad they think that way One day soon, they will be the fools Climbing the rungs of their self inflicting ladders It’s not what it means ‘Cause were the ones who's free From the everyday life that’s drowning them in their sea (Chorus) Take on The impossible dream Fight on Through their endless schemes Don't run You do belong Stand up ‘Cause we stand alone.. Always the one the fingers pointed at Forever in trouble a devious act Guilty as sin everytime they said But they were the sinners It's all in their head Don’t be alone no sadness no shame You're not at fault they're the ones to blame If they don't believe in what they preach Then someday they'll be out of reach They should not assume at all, There is a lesson to be taught They only see what they want to see Our way of life they look at in strife How can they put us down When they don't know what they're all about (Repeat Chorus)
Losers And Winners Round 2 am on the wrong side of town Could feel it in the air, it was goin’ down There was a sense of danger You could see it in their eyes Sweet taste of vengeance A taste they can’t deny I’ll take my weapons Take them to hand And if Ii lose I’ll take it like a man This ones for Billy he died for the right Whos to say its wrong or right? (Chorus) Where just losers and winners Out in the sleepless nights We’ll never surrender Until we're satisfied Just like a game that keeps draggin’ us down I’m charging thru the trouble My feet are on the ground, Amis the fog in streets We’ll break out tonight We’re sprouting wings And now I’m gonna fly Where just losers and winners Out in the sleepless nights We’ll never surrender Until we're satisfied Were all losers and winners But winners take it all ’ll take my weapons Take them to hand And if Ii lose I’ll take it like a man This ones for Billy he died for the right Whos to say its wrong to fight? (Repeat Chorus)
A Cry For Help I want to talk but you never seem to listen You're too much too busy with your work When I'm feeling down-and-out You wonder why I don't come to you Why don't you understand My life cannot be planned You assume I'll be alright tomorrow (Chorus) Why can't you hear me when I call on you You never seem to think I need you too I am your blood I am your only son Please don't turn away There may be no other day Remember when we used to laugh I don't know what changed all that But God I wish it was the same Nothing I do pleases you Please help me I am begging you You become so irascible Decisions are so final No room left for what I've got to say (Repeat Chorus) And now you look down on my grave And you think that he could have been saved But you'll never ever know As the preacher says amen Start to cry and now you realize (Repeat Chorus)


For several years H&H Records would bring up with members of the band the idea of properly reissuing the U.S. metal classic “Too Late to Pray”. However, nothing ever seemed to come of it. Sometime back in 2016, the label began to look back into the possibility of such a project with more seriousness than ever before. It seemed the timing was right for such an endeavour. We never expected that it would lead to other releases and a resurrected band.

When we began the project three years ago it was revealed to us that the band were sitting on several early unreleased recordings. These recordings span the years that CEREBUS were active from the early 1980s and into the early 1990s. Many of which had never been properly archived and several are still unlabelled and still have not yet been gone through.

These recordings demonstrated a hard-working band who knew their craft and created well-structured catch heavy metal and hard rock songs with very deep hooks. Each composition honoured the band’s influences of both NWOBHM and British classic rock.

Here is a collection of just some of the recordings chosen by the band for this release. Coming from various sources, all have been cleaned up as best as possible for this collective presentation. Audio quality varies throughout but it is important to bear in mind that these recordings are old demos and rehearsal tapes that were never intended for release. We know that fans will enjoy hearing these rare recordings.


released July 19, 2019


Eric Burgess Bass
Scott Board Vocals
Joby Barker Drums
Chris Pennell Guitars
Andy Huffine Guitars

All songs recorded and produced by Tom Rowan at SoundLab Recording Studios Greensboro NC. Copyright-
Songdancer Music ASCAP.
Written by Eric Burgess and Scott Board

All songs performed by:
Chris Pennell, Andy Huffine,Eric Burgess,Scott Board,Joby Barker, unless otherwise noted*

Guest musicians:

Tony Merritt guitars on ‘Long Time Comin'
Steve Arnold drums on track 8
Brian Asbelle drums on tracks 7, 9, 10, 11, 17

Executive producers J. Golden & G. Shafer
Remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios in Winston Salem, NC


all rights reserved



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