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Digital Black Among the Masses


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Tragic Death 04:11
TRAGIC DEATH: When I wake up It won’t be tomorrow Yesterday seems so long ago Without warning Before I ever knew I find myself way too close to death I find myself way too close to death Please help me I’m reaching out to you Don’t leave me here to die all alone Stop. Wait a minute It’s not my turn to go There must be someone here who knows the truth Tell how this can be for real I’m getting the short end of this deal It’s all a game a twisted lie There is no real reason why It’s not my time to fucking die Oh my God Let me live on Don’t want to die A Tragic Death Please give me one last chance I can prove my innocence to you Can’t die this way It’s just not right I’m still so young Got so much to do Can’t die Tragic Death Can’t take final breath Save me from Tragic Death Lyrics by: Anthony Imbrogno
Mind Quest 04:49
MIND QUEST: A dragon slayer Or castles layered Dreams space out my head Reality or fantasy You always end up dead Life or death Don’t hold your breath Both so full of dread yeah Violent pain Or kings insane One thing in common Red Vicious lies Means someone dies Life can’t get no colder Stake your claim Direct your aim Against those who are the bolder When you start to need That’s when you start to bleed The fire starts to smolder Must endure And find a cure Because you’re only getting older Chorus: When you cannot see thru open eyes And you cannot hear when someone lies When you do not choose to speak your mind You become the one who is truly blind Chorus: Lyrics by: Anthony Imbrogno
BEGINNING OF THE END: Once it was good Like it should Living was fine just sipping the wine Fear entered man Emotions ran That’s when the Beginning of the End began Chorus: Beginning of the end When life’s no friend People welcome death Right to their door Beginning of the end Your wounds will never mend People stamp you Right to the floor Now it’s bad Life’s so sad Everyone thinks of the dreams they had Hatred rise Frightful eyes Every dam truth turns into lies Chorus: Rise of dawn Everyone’s gone The end is here the cause is clear Another glass of gin Battlefields of sin Just awhile before the end begins Beginning- of the End When- life’s no friend Beginning- of the End Your wounds will never mend Lyrics by: Ed Lawton
Naked Planet 05:19
NAKED PLANET Darkened clouds looming low Our mighty sun now a distant glow Seas of sand trees of stone This Naked Planet is your home Searching for a reason why Makes no difference all have died We must find another place Our world is gone without a trace Chorus: Take my hand and come with me I’ll take you there and we’ll live free This is the place of new tomorrows They’ll be no rulers – no one to follow Sometimes when I drift away far into yesterdays I see our world the way it was in a helpless daze I reach out to feel because it all seems so real Then it slowly fades away Fields of green a soothing rain The warming glow of a gentle flame No more wars no more pain Our lives will never be the same Chorus: Lyrics by Anthony Imbrogno
Silent Cry 04:48
SILENT CRY: I look in the mirror I see your face Reflecting on a past life a distant place The room is darkened The air grows cold This trapped soul’s story is about to unfold A moonlit night A terrible fight Flash of steel pain so real Bite the dirt Bloodstained shirt Whole life ahead left for dead A cry for justice Seeking revenge Plotted murder a horrible end Unknown figure Long black robe He will die tonight never to know Chorus: I can hear the Silent Cry – Silent Cry Of a stranger who has died I can hear the Silent Cry – Silent Cry His spirit soars thru the sky Back in my room I feel the gloom Deadly night something’s just not right My image reappears The answers clear Now I can see the stranger was me Chorus: Lyrics by Kevin Callahan
The Portal 03:26
THE PORTAL It must have been a dream A glimpse of the past Image of a boy Floating thru my head His mother was an artist Disciple from below Colors on the canvas Portraits of those undead She paints her child’s portrait Her eyes are dark and cold Captures his image skillfully Imprisoning his soul Many times in past lives She’s performed her evil deed Torments spirits endlessly Feeds her hellish needs Lost within a world The servant fabricated The Portal lies beyond the real In a portrait, she’s created Locked inside a blackened void Time forever frozen A helpless soul Cries out in pain For he knows he is the chosen Screams pierce the endless dark Drifting thru his nightmare The torture leaves its dreaded mark Feels his mother’s icy stare Within a morbid state undead Never to find his way Can’t escape from the red Evermore his mother’s slave Lyrics by: Anthony Imbrogno
Amelia 03:49
AMELIA Dear Sir, In answer to your letter of recent date- We regret to say you that Amelia’s mental condition has not improved She is having many delusions and at times becoming very abusive and quarrelsome… I wake up strapped to a bed Scream but no one hears Family’s gone I’m all alone My eyes they flood with tears Patterns on these pale white sheets Are all I really see My bed my home- four walls my world My mind is playing tricks on me Chorus: Oh sick Amelia Don’t hold it all inside Don’t slam the door on what you know is true Ohhhhh Amelia Let us look into your mind Someday soon we’ll find a cure for you Germ free world but still I’m sick It’s time to take a pill Sanitary insanity they washed away freewill Look listen see the end All my friends are dead Now’s the time Judgement day My eyes they fade to red Chorus: Chorus: Amelia - Amelia Amelia - Amelia Amelia - Amelia Amelia - Amelia Ameliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lyrics by: Anthony Imbrogno
FREE THE WORLD Face to face we confront our foe Hand in hand live together as one Will the ‘Big Stick’ bestow is power Or will the iron curtain take control Stars and stripes express our freedom Hero’s blood spilt in vein Hammer sickle intense domination The cold war heats- who’s to blame Death toll On the increase Will the killing ever cease? Can’t they see It shouldn’t be We just want to live in peace… Chorus: Free the world Stop this madness Free the world End this sadness Free the world Live in peace Their rulers say we are the problem Our leaders say they are to blame If we don’t stop and listen to reason Our mother earth will be consumed by flames Chorus: Live in peace - Live in peace - Live in peace Lyrics by: Anthony Imbrogno
Opus 02:10
EXPERIENCE THE POWER: Acquired by the chosen few Misused by none Existence like no other You pray to be the one Blessed are those That gets the chance to feel A power so pure Makes your senses reel Sounds so compelling Can’t resist its force Delusions of grandeur Reality is lost Chill in the air You can feel it in your soul It’s power so unreal About to takes its toll Chorus: Experience the Power Feel it pumping thru your veins Experience the Power Feel it overload your brain Experience the Power Feel it driving you insane Searched for a lifetime It’s now within my sights So close yet so far It fades into night Born to live to die It all becomes quite clear The Power is the key I feel it moving near Everything distorted Reality I wish Red is go- life is death My visions still persist Free of all sensation Feels so secure This is the answer I finally found the cure Chorus: Many times I’ve felt the power - it dwells within my soul Its intensity numbs my senses - I have no control I heard sounds from distant worlds - a world where no one dies Yes this is sanctuary - total peace of mind… Experience the Power - Experience the Power - Experience the Power - Experience the Power Lyrics by: Anthony Imbrogno
MAN AGAINST THE EARTH: Polluted waters Senseless slaughters CFCs destroy the ozone Toxic landfills Deforestation The invisible walls of death Man, self-proclaimed master of the world Exploits the earth to satisfy his needs But who are we to say- we shall reign supreme Corporate greed takes its toll – How long can this go on? Chorus: It’s world war 3 It’s man against the earth If we win- forget about re-birth Create for his convenience But the earth can’t take much more Fossil fuels going fast The acid rain still pours Oil spills into our seas ‘no problem’ say the men upstairs Tell that to the wildlife Toxic water – polluted air Chorus: Earth and man must work hand in hand The time is now to show just where we stand In our quest for a simpler life We forgot one thing Someone has to pay For these ‘necessities’ Everyone’s afraid of a chemical war What a horrid way to die Just look at what we’ve done to the earth Now there’s the real crime Repeat Chorus: Lyrics by: Anthony Imbrogno
HOUSE 0’ HORROR Scenes of violence Bouncing off the walls Deafening silence The guillotine falls Look in a mirror A wonderful machine Grotesque figures Like you’ve never seen Chorus: This is the place you often dream of Spinning – falling which way is up A child’s vision imagination House O’ Horror Annihilation A blackened mass In front of you now stands You soon follow Heed to my commands You try to run I will always find you You want to die- But I won’t let you Chorus: Step inside this world of make believe You’ll see strange things you never thought you’d see Come closer now and don’t be shy I won’t hurt you don’t you cry Welcome -step inside Sit right back- enjoy the ride Nothing to cling to Confusion rules your mind It’s real it’s true A memory will remind Chorus: You rise and start another day Rejoice nightmares have gone away Happy so glad to be alive Too bad- nothing will survive Lyrics by: Anthony Imbrogno
AMONG THE MASSES The seeds of fertility Our race is spreading just like the plague Into a world of nothingness Our destiny self-made Born to run the human race Must keep up with the fast pace Conforming to society You know you’ll always be- Chorus: Among the masses Struggling thru every day Among the masses That’s the American way Among the masses If you can’t stay ahead You’ll be left for dead Without remorse we run life’s course Leaving destruction behind Mega-pollution or mass confusion We can see but we’d rather be blind Within this all is a lesson to learn Because of few so many have burned We must build a better way Or forever we will stay- Chorus: Ha ha ha ha Chorus: Lyrics by: Guy Rivers
CLAUSTROPHOBIA: The walls are closing in My world is getting nearer The things I thought so far away Seem to be much clearer Take it back its right in my face I just can’t take it no more My fear is building I’m getting scared Stop you’re too close you’re taking up my air Chorus: Claustrophobia From the corners of my mind Claustrophobia My inner fears unwind Claustrophobia I need more room Claustrophobia The ever closing doom Locked in - the closet of life I need to find a way out A cast away in time Without a shadow of a doubt Darkness - replaced by light No loneliness no more fright Lost from my feelings inside Smothered by the blanket of life Chorus: Lyrics by: Kevin Callahan


Formed in 1986 in upstate New York by members; Anthony Imbrogno(drums), Vince Rao and Ed Lawton (guitars) with the goal to combine the power of Judas Priest and the speed Metallica to create their own offering of breakneck thrashing madness to the metal masses. With the addition of Guy Rivers Bass (bass) and Kevin Callahan(vocals), MONOLITH would set out to do just that.
Throughout the next couple of years, the band began gigging around their area, sometimes even hosting their on shows. By 1989 MONOLITH would release a 5-song demo titled 'Experience the Power' that began getting regular airplay on local college radio.
In 1991 the band would issue their first self-released full-length titled 'Digital Black' The 10-song recording would also receive airplay, but now extending beyond New York. As well as leading to distribution in Germany.
As most fledgeling thrash metal bands were folding in the early 1990s from what was seen as an "anti-heavy metal' sentiment of sorts, MONOLITH would forge on for one last batch of songs seeing the release of 'Among the Masses' demo in 1993.
Over the years since these recordings were first issued they have become quite rare and have been known to fetch more than a few bucks by collectors and thrash metal enthusiast.

FOR FANS OF: Metallica, Heathen, Annihilator, Toxic, and Testament


released August 18, 2017


Guy Rivers Bass
Anthony Imbrogno Drums
Vince Rao Guitars
Ed Lawton Guitars
Kevin Callahan Vocals

‘Digital Black’ 1991recorded at Alpha Studios in Albany, NY
Engineered & mixed by studio owners Scott & Dub
Produced by Monolith

‘Among the Masses’ 1993 recorded at Hyland Studio Albany, NY
Engineered by Paul Benedetti
Mixed by Paul Benedetti & Ted Hyland
Produced by Monolith

2017 Executive producers J. Golden & G. ‘Smurfy’ Shafer
2017 re-mastering by Jamie King at The Basement Studio NC
Cover art by Steve Cobb
Layout by Chris Ferguson


all rights reserved



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