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Deadly Game


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The Loser 03:48
The Loser Fire burning bright Fever wrapped up tight Danger out of the wire Anger is your desire Chorus So take what you own Leave me alone Loser, get off your throne Leave me alone Alone, ha ha ha Higher you can fly, hader you can try Kneel down for your life Live your life from out of the sky Repeat Chorus Dealer of all hate Liar’s steal your fate Burner of the fire Anger is your desire Repeat Chorus
Deadly Game 04:50
Deadly Game Life’s a deadly game And we’re all playing Play the cards Think quick and roll the dice Game chance written in the scripture Understand its ways and you’ll exist Chorus Life’s a game you learned to play When you were young and brave Watch it pass before your very eyes Life’s game you learned to play Do it or you’ll die, but look For the answer in the night, Yea Life’s a deadly game keeps getting harder Spins your wheels and roll for 3 of a kind If you lose you have to keep on playin’ The answer’s lying deep into the night Repeat Chorus Lead Solo Repeat 1st Verse Repeat Chorus
Warpath 04:40
Warpath You roamin’ the mountains You ruled the plain You come to tame a land With a forbidden name You fight the white man in the deadly game Lead a life of anger Lead a life of pain Go across the ocean to a foreign land Here came the white man And took the Indian’s land He killed the women and children And stole riches from across the sand Chorus They lived their lives By the Indian tribe You’re gonna die You gave your life to the Indian tribe You’re gonna die You’re on the warpath You lived the anger You’ve seen the fear You’ve watched the white man Burn up all the land You dance with danger, you fought the war You’ll fight the red man, he’ll live once more Repeat Chorus Lead Repeat 1st Verse You’re on the warpath You’re on the warpath
Love Means Money All your life you been Playing a game Trying not to lead a life of shame You been thinking about your love Love means money and moneys love Chorus Love means money And money means love x2 Sitting there watching the word go by Breakin’ your back time and time You’ve been workin’ out for your grub Cause love means money And money is love Repeat Chorus Bridge You been leadin’ of shame You been playin’ the same old game Can’t stop lyin’ and runnin’ around Chasin’ that girl all over this town Lead Bridge Repeat Chorus x2 Sittin’ here watchin’ and payin’ your dues Burnin’ all the dollars you can’t use Thank the lord and heavens above Cause love means money And moneys love Repeat Chorus
A Farwell 02:56
Behind the Walls of Crime You live in a cell People say your brains not well You take on the world Only death can haunt you, woah Accused of a crime Innocent till proven guilty But you’re livin’ a lie You will pay the price Yeah A shadow of light shines on through your window for the rest of your life Darkness lays upon Comes the time to prove beyond a shadow that your wastin’ your time Freedom is the answer Chorus Woah woah why You been doin’ time 4x Behind the walls of crime You live in the past you’ve chained up all your hatred You dream of life where no one has the answer To the question of why You’ve all your nightmares Every single night No solution to your problem Repeat Chorus Lead Bridge You been spending all your life Just wondering why Sittin’ watchin’ the time roll by Burnin’ in my mind Woah woah why Woah Repeat 1st Verse Repeat Chorus
Time You were the one who’s chosen to save The love of a lifetime Kingdom of dreams You light the fire And I fuel the flame I am a liar Believe what I say Pre Chorus You are the wonder You are the way You wanna take control You are the magic You are the pain Chasin’ yourself astry Chorus You’re slippin’ away- You’re slippin’ away from time You were the one who’s life’s gone astray The people of spoken your sanity You climb the mountain in search for the key And I am the warrior that life’s in the dream You are the wonder You are the way You are master you are the king Repeat Chorus Lead You were the one The leader of dreams A master in time you live were you please You light the fire I catch the flame I am a liar Believe what I say Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus Woah woah x4 You keep slippin’ slippin’ away
Love No Sinner You were young and were born to run You were into having your fun You see life in a different way Because good times have begun Chorus Love no sinner You’re no sinner for love x2 Out caught walking the streets at night You have given plenty of love Cause you were there in the blink of an eye Because you were sent from above Repeat Chorus Lead Repeat 1st Verse Repeat Chorus Love no sinner x4 Oh yeah Love no sinner tonight
Backstage Queen Out of the crowd she came to me With her wild passion scream Her rock ‘n’ roll fire burns her desire To put her lips on me Damn nice ass with her backstage pass Flauntin’ her hips at me After the show she wants to go Round the world with me Chorus Backstage Queen x2 The queen will rock you queen will roll you Loves the way I scream So scream loud you want now Better make her bleed So dim the lights way down low And live your fantasy Bow on down Scream it loud she’s the backstage queen Repeat Chorus Lead Repeat Chorus Repeat 1st Verse Repeat Chorus
Look What Ya Done Look what ya done to my heart Look what ya done to my mind Tryin’ to take all the love You cheated me inside Look what ya done to my brain Stop messin’ with my life Look what ya done this time You threw it all away Pre Chorus You told me that you wanted To make love to me Told me that you needed A dose of love to set you free Chorus Look what ya done to me Look what ya done Look what ya done to my heart x2 Look what ya done to my dream Message of you lie Takin’ away all the love You cheated me inside Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus x2 Drivin’ a stake through my heart Your sinkin’ in too deep Just took away the love inside You freed in me tonight Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus


MADDAX was formed in Miami Florida in 1986 by guitarists Ralph Tullo and David Coleman with bassist/vocalist Andi Austin and drummer Tomi Stotler.

In 1987, MADDAX entered Natural Sound Studios in Occoquan, Virginia to record a 4-song demo of uncut pure US power metal.
The band made their live debut at The Hairy Eyeball in Miami on April 17th of 1987 and from there onto the Fort Lauderdale club scene they went. On February 28th of 1988, MADDAX would play their final show with this line-up at Rosebuds in Fort Lauderdale.

By November of 1988, MADDAX was back with a new line-up and a new city, Washington D.C. The new line-up included drummer Tomi Stotler, bassist Kenny Killz, vocalist Eric Nutter, and guitarists Mark Joyce and Doug Langabeck. By 1993 Joe Baggott would replace lead guitarist Mark Joyce.

In April of 1995, MADDAX would go into Neptune Studio in Miami to begin to record their 11-track self-released debut ‘Deadly Game'. The sessions would span over the course of the next several months, concluding in November of 1996.

The band continued to make waves on their local live circuit often opening up for national artists such as Manowar, Yngwie Malmsteen, Accept, Quiet Riot, RATT and many others. All the while receiving positive reviews and being voted best live act in the D.C. Metro area in the spring of 1995.
MADDAX continued playing out up to 2006, 20 years of going up and down the east coast Defending The Faith Of Heavy Metal.


released February 26, 2021

Tomi Stotler Drums
Joe Baggot Guitars
Kenny Killz Bass
Eric Nutter Vocals

Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,8 Recorded and Produced by Maddax & Maxx
April 22 - May 25, 1995
Tracks 5,9,10 Recorded and Produced by Maddax and J.P.
June 23, 1996
Post Production by Maddax and Cobb
November 9, 1996
Tracks 11,12,13 recorded live at Tiki Fala's in Dumfries, VA
Fall of 1995
Executive producers J. Golden & G. Shafer
Remastered by Jamie King
Cover redesign & layout by Chris Ferguson


all rights reserved



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