Carnage (Massacre)


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Lute FP Evidently a re-issue from the late 70s/early 80s. Excellent Rock, Punk, Metal or Whatever. Dunno what to say except if you like heavy music you will like this. Definitely comes from the era when musicians didn't have the road paved ahead for them- thumbs up!
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Carnage tends to bring to mind those post-apocalyptic movies that those of us who grew up in Reagan’s America love and look back upon today with fond memories. Were those movies trying to be ‘Mad Max’ or ‘Bladerunner’? Who knows and who cares, they were awesome and still are today, perhaps in a different way now, but you get the point.

Before there was such thing as “crossover” CARNAGE from the barren wastelands of South Carolina was cranking out their own punkish brand of speed metal. Perhaps the band where not going for any particular sound or genre, it just came out as it did, It would be raw, aggressive, organic, and totally DIY. The outcome was the bands self-titled full-length in 1986 that featured 7-tracks that could have easily been featured on any of the first five volumes of ‘Metal Massacre’.

"Carnage was a band that was the brainchild of Spike Marshall. While it was heavy metal, the band was developed organically, outside of the burgeoning South Carolina metal scene of the late 70s and early 80s. With influences as diverse as Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Lou Reed, Crack The Sky and The Stooges, Carnage walked their own path." - Jack Hammer


released February 24, 2017

Dave Alewine Bass
Rick Griffith Drums
Spike Marshall Guitars
Jack Hammer Vocals

All songs by Marshall and Hammer
Produced by Chip
Originally engineered 1986 by Gary Bolton
Recorded at Higher Skys Studio, Columbia, S.C.

Re-mastering by Jamie King at The Basement Studios NC
Winston Salem, NC
Cover design and layout by Chris Ferguson



all rights reserved
Track Name: Barbarian Queen
Barbarian Queen

Across the burning sands of the Middle Ages
Rode the barbarian queen under

The cloak of darkness rode the Barbarian
Five hundred Hun berserkers in her hoard
Descending on small villages
Like evil birds of prey
Wielding mace, broad axe and sword,

Come to rape, maim and slay,
Massacre at break of day
There’s no chance to get away
Barbarian Queen

Raven hair, eyes of fire
Body clad in leather
Veteran of bloody combat
Not defeated ever…
When she descends upon her prey
Suns of victory fall
Gives no quarter
Takes no prisoners
Kills them all

(Repeat Chorus)

See the dust cloud in the distance
When she descends upon your village
All your hope of life is gone
You better pack up and run
You better run, run

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: The Astral Inn
The Astral Inn

In the outer sphere of the cosmic realm
Lives the keeper of the Astral Inn
Spends his days preparing your room
Contemplating ways to seal your doom
The stage is set, soon the play will begin
Your choice of room is your choice sin

You’ve got a room,
At the Astral Inn you can spend the day
Exploring colors in such a wild array
At the Astral Inn now you took the chance
Now you can flirt with death
such a wild romance

Now I’ve given you the keys to your room
With cable TV and as warm as womb
I fluffed a pillow for your drunken head
Just lay there still and pretend you’re dead
And when the walls come to life
As sure as the blade of my knife

You’ve got room,
At the Astral Inn we will show you how
Even give you strength take a bow,
At the Astral Inn, since you took the dare
If you don’t leave then you don’t scare

Skeletons dancing around your bed
Demons they tear at your mind
With all the pounding inside your head
You know that you’re at the Astral Inn
Doors always seem to lead inside
They won’t let you go
Even if you tear them down
There’s no one to hear your screams
Could this happen in your wildest of dreams
Things are as bad always seem

At the Astral Inn, run but you can’t hide
And there’s no turning back
The Astral Inn, has been closed for years
There’s a sign out front says property for sale
Only your blood can pay your bail
If the keeper decides you’ve had enough
And you prove to be tougher than tough
You can leave if you promise then
To leave that room, choice of sin
And never, come back, to the Astral Inn
Track Name: Omega Man
Omega Man

The sounds of war are over now
The world must start anew
everything has been destroyed
Everything and you
Is this the way, it’s got to be
Is there no turning back
Nothings left that stands erect
And everything is black

Why must I be the only one to survive this bloody war
What does it take to start anew, now that I’m all alone
Suddenly I saw someone down a crumbled street
And I turned wondering who that I might meet.
All the way down this broken road much to my surprise
As I got closer, they began to rise.
They turned to me then horror struck through my beaten head
Is this just a nightmare, or are they of the dead
their rotting flesh, you’d smell for miles
Human blood dripped from their lips
Their eyes light up like candles as they watch me slip
the creatures came toward me then
Blood was in there eyes
this nightmare will be over now
There’s a feeling in the skies
then the earth began to shake the worst I’d ever seen
And I just laid there
Watching the world dispose of these horrid things
Then it was, I realized the world that it was really though
And there’s no way to start again with me and no you.
Track Name: Killer

In the dark silence the killer sweats
another night by the window
As the neon flashes, above the street
The tense white knuckled grip
The sleek, smooth, cold
Object of love instrument of death

I’m your angel of death
I’m your killer
Breathe your last breath
I’m your killer
Oh, Killer….Killer

Eye on the sight
The victim is marked
The lover is revealed.
Ever so gently
The trigger is squeezed
Both bodies convulse
One in the throes of death
The other in orgasmic ecstasy

I’m a twisted product of society
Trained in your army to kill
Now a civilian once again free
But my lust for blood won’t be killed
I love to see the look in their eyes
Hear their strained and futile cries

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Look at Yourself
Look at Yourself

Everyday things just pass me by
Show me what you got and I’ll give it a try
Give me your right, or give your dead
All of these things just must be said

And when reality becomes a mystery
Look at yourself
And ask why
Look at yourself
Has life passed you by
Look at yourself
Can this really go on?
Look at yourself
Or is the tragedy done

And when the things you see,
They don’t seem what they should be
You’re looking on through glassy eyes
Forget what time has realized
When you do as they all say
Only then you’ll have to pay
You’ve the right choose your way
To get ahead you have to slay

Everyday just come and go
when it ends you’ll never know
You’ll never know until out of the blue
the end sneaks up on you

(Repeat Chorus)

Look at the mystery
On your search for reality
all your life the things you’re told
Won’t mean a damn to you get old

Those of us who’ve lived in chains
will rise to rule the world again
Tomorrow won’t be the same
Because they’ll have to play our game

(Repeat Chorus)

Look at your vision in the mirror
Open your eyes
Focus your mind make it clearer
Because the old, they know the end is getting nearer
You better rise up to take over now can you hear?

We’re all just rats running in the streets
running for our lives
Rat’s looking through our past
And coming up with lies
with all the things that we were told
And now the ruin that we see
Say’s the starting over is really
Left up to rat’s like you and me

Those of us who’ve lived in chains
will rise to rule the world again
Tomorrow won’t be the same
Because they’ll have to play our game

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: This is the End
This is the End

We have had some good times babe
Well I guess that’s proof
That nothing lasts forever
And though I know
It’s gonna cause some pain
Inside my heart
Well know we can’t stay together
Yes I know, it’s too late
Yes I know, this is the end
Yes I know, it’s too late
Yes I know, this is the end