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Bite the Metal


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    • Includes 10 bonus tracks (demos for a never released 2nd album)
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    For fans of: Quiet Riot, Ratt, Motley Crue, and Tigertailz

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Bite the Metal (By D. Hutchins) I've got power Running through my veins I've got the right To shout at anything We drive you crazy When we look into your eyes You feel the power Running deep inside (Chorus) Get ready to Bite the metal Get ready to Bite the metal Alright! You see a chance Why don't you take it? You feel the roar Of every single fen From your feet up to your hand You feel the power Running through the land (Repeat Chorus X4) Bite the metal!
We Come to Rock (By D. Hutchins) Been working all week No time to let it roll My baby's on my back And she won't let go Been waiting for the week To come to an end The clock strikes ten And it’s time for the show to begins (Chorus) We come to rock, rock Rock you rock you Rock you rock you You and you and you The lights are bright The sounds alright The crowd is alive to rock tonight The boys in the band Well we need a helping hand We come to let you know We love to rock and roll (Repeat Chorus) We come to rock
Womanizer 04:17
Womanizer (By T. Baker) Takin’ my chances With one night romances Day and night I’m gainin’ numbers like rollin’ thunder With all my might I’ve got the feelin’ Your love I’m stealin’ Please don’t bite Lookin’ so pretty It’s such a pity Dawn brings light (Chorus) Womanizer I’m a lady’s man Tantalizer Your love I demand Womanizer I live off the land Just got to take it Til’ it’s all I can stand Makin passes at pretty lasses All week long Just wait a minute Don’t get what’s in it Do you hear me wrong? Hey one more hour You give me power Keeps me strong I see no reason for all the teasin’ Just bring it on (Repeat Chorus) With fire I’m playin’ Your way of sayin’ Treat me nice Your match I’m strikin’ My game you’re likin’ Lookin’ once and twice You’re no spectator Your lust I cater Roll the dice You win my lover There is no other How you entice (Repeat Chorus)
Body Aches 03:50
Body Aches Standing lonely In the night My body's aching For your bite I'm feeling hungry I'm so tight tonite My stomach's yearning For your love tonight (Chorus) Ooh Body aches, ohh body aches Deadly, deadly in the night Hungry wanting for your love tonight Ahh, burning wanting To love you tonite No warning, no warning You on my sights I'm willing, I'm wasting For just the right time The passion has tattered To lust tonite (Repeat Chorus)
Death on Foot (By D. Hutchens and J. Hinson) Got this feeling tonite To set this town on fire Feeling hungry for lust and desire Running rapid like a river gone wild (Chorus) Death on foot This city’ss in danger I’m running wild This city’s in danger Beware tonight This city’s in danger Beware tonight I’ll wait at the corner Of a long dark hall There’s no anger in my body And no hope for you at all The thrills and the passions That run through my mind Are the thoughts I have for you So run for your life (Repeat Chorus) Destruction (Repeat Chorus X3)
I'm Right 04:27
I’m Right (By D. Hutchins) I’ve been waiting for you so long The pressure been building in my mind I’m on the edge of life and time Don’t know when I’m coming in line The worlds moving so fast in my mind You know that I’m right The days are so long And the nights are so short The world around me is so wrong (Chorus) But I’m right I’m right We’re right We’re all right I’ve never had the money To live the high class Always been running behind But my dreams are not gone And I’m living alone And deep in your minds You know I’m right (Repeat Chorus) The worlds moving so fast in my mind You know that I’m right The days are so long And the nights are so short The world around me is so wrong (Repeat Chorus) I’m right
instrumental 02:58
Take a Chance (By D. Hutchins) The life we live is full of sin Always hiding from our enemies We take each day, day by day Living on borrowed time The news we read is all the same But always changing our life So pay no mind to this world And rock and roll forever (Chorus) So take a chance with us And rock your troubles away There’s no crime in, in this world For rockin’ the nite away We live for rock and rock we do An no one can change our ways Evil eyes in the sky Watching over our minds Beware when they come for you They leave no others behind The young is so weary And the young is so free The elders have no chance in this world This world of sin The last to arrive is the first to die (Chorus)
Spoils Go To the Victor (By T.Baker) Everything you didn’t know All seems now complete Your vicious animosity Like filth lie in the street The pain you call your suffering You bring upon yourself So take your wicked attitude And find a cheap motel (Chorus) The spoils go to the victor His blood thirst appetite The wolves are hungry waiting To take your life tonight Through twisted fate and lovers hate You come to compromise You steal it for security For meat you terrorize You stalk the wounded animal The blood left by the prey The hunter is the hunted When you’re what’s left to lay (Repeat Chorus)


released April 19, 2018

Danny Hutchins (vocals)
Jimmy Hinson (guitar)
Kelly Rowsey (bass)
Terry Baker (drum)

Originally produced by Steve Bass & Mike Bartholomew
Bass Music Corporation/BMC Records
Recorded at CMC Studios in Zebulon, NC
Engineered by Vic Lipscombe, Robbie Clark & Alias Mangler
Original cover art by Dale Ackers
Back Cover Photos by Dana Rowsey
All Arrangements by Alias Mangler

Tracks 10-20 are demo tracks recorded in 1987

2018 Executive producers J. Golden & G. Shafer
Audio transfer and restoration by Tom Rowan at Soundlab Studios in Greensboro, NC
Re-mastering by Jamie King at The Basement Studios NC in Winston Salem, NC
2018 cover art by Yannick Bouchard
Layout design by Chris Ferguson


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